What is special about Mini-Erbesi baby cots?

The world of new parents is full of important decisions that must be made as quickly as possible so that the new family member can enjoy the highest level of comfort and a happy life.

One of the most important aspects that you have to take into account from the beginning is the selection of the right cot, it being essential that it maintain an optimal security, be practical, have a special aesthetic design and last but not least, to be comfortable.

Considering these things, an excellent solution that you can rely on are the Mini Erbesi cots , they being the ideal choice that offers the optimal combination between functionality and style. These models come fully equipped so that it is no longer necessary to purchase other necessary accessories.


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Why is the Mini Erbesi cot special?

Every parent wants to offer the best to their little one so that they feel good and receive the best care. The first years are very important in the life of any child, it being essential to have all the necessary conditions to benefit from a quality sleep that will help him grow up healthy and happy.

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Mini Erbesi cots have stood out among parents as being some of the most unique models available from which they can choose. They have an impressive number of advantages, the most important being the following:

Fully equipped

Mini Erbesi models include all the necessary elements, eliminating the need to purchase different accessories separately. The mattress was made of the best materials, so as to allow superior comfort, as well as easy cleaning.

It has 4 swivel wheels with a locking function, rounded edges to avoid accidents and a 9-level adjustable bed frame. In addition, it includes a custom-made quilt, as well as a pillow specially designed for the little one to feel perfectly comfortable.

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One of the distinct characteristics of the Mini Erbesi cot is that it offers you the possibility to stick it next to the existing bed to be used as a co-sleeper . In this way, the little one will be with you every night, in complete safety and without disturbing your sleep, thus allowing you to feel connected with the new member of the family.

High quality

The investment in such a model is a long-term one, its change only being necessary when it grows. Carefully manufactured in Italy from solid beech wood, they have been built to last successfully over time, ensuring that your baby will enjoy a peaceful and restful sleep.

Perfect for apartments

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Due to their small size, minimalist design, as well as the ease of being moved anywhere, they can be the ideal choice for a small apartment, where space is often a problem. When it is not in use, it can be moved, placed or stored in a place where it will not confuse you in your daily tasks.

What does a Mini-Erbesi cot consist of?

Mini Erbesi models are adored by many parents due to the fact that they present countless advantages for protecting the little one. It is also a complete set that does not need any other accessories, because all the elements fit perfectly.

What does the set include?

  • Mini co-sleeping bed, mattress, quilt, pillow, pillow case, protectors;
  • The material used in the construction of the bed is solid beech wood;
  • Available shades: White, cream and grey, perfect for a small child, being able to easily fit into any existing decor. A water-based paint that does not contain toxic substances was used.
  • Bed frame - solid beech wood, adjustable in 9 positions;
  • Height: 42.5 cm; 49 cm; 52.2 cm; 55.4 cm; 58.6 cm; 61.8 cm; 65 cm; 68.2 cm; 71.4 cm;
  • Sides: Sliding, removable, with rounded edges;
  • 4 Wheels: soft rubber/plastic - 2 with brakes;
  • Distance between the blades: 65 mm - 45 mm;
  • Cot size: 110 x 65.5 x 98 cm;
  • Linen dimensions: 90 x 47 x 27 cm;
  • Cot weight: 15 kg;
  • Internal dimensions: 100 x 60 cm;
  • Mattress dimensions: 100 x 60 x 9 cm;
  • Has the quality standard - EN 716-1: 2008 +A1: 2013
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Mini Erbesi cots for babies are the ideal choice if you want to offer your little one comfort and safety. Its versatility will give you the opportunity to move and position it anywhere in the house without much effort, having an Italian and modern design that will easily fit into any decor.

With the co-sleeper system, you will always be with him so as not to miss the unique and magical moments in his life, being the perfect choice for any family.