A child's christening or baptism is always an important and special event for parents, grandparents, relatives and friends. Celebrate this occasion with one of the most beautiful and meaningful baby gifts. Because we know that it is not easy to choose a perfect gift for baptism, we have prepared 7 very good ideas that can inspire you.

The right gift for baptism - How do you choose it?

Although there are a lot of baby gifts to choose from, it can be complicated to settle on one. To make the choice easier, we recommend that you prepare a little before starting to find the perfect gift.

First of all, you could consider the character and lifestyle of the parents. Think about what they like, what interests they have, what thoughts they expressed towards the new child in their life. From here you can take some good hints that can guide you to a suitable gift.

Secondly, take into account the sex of the child. It is not mandatory to choose pink items for girls and green or blue items for boys, but beyond the shades, there are some peculiarities for each gender. Obviously, you can give a doll to a girl and a sailor suit to a boy.

Thirdly, consider the age of the child. Although most baptisms take place up to 6 months, there are exceptions when the parents decide to christen the child after the age of 1 year, for different reasons. In this case, it is important to make sure that you will not give the baby small clothes or newborn accessories that probably already exist in the little one's room (carousel, high chair, crib, changing table, etc.).

What baby gifts are offered at baptism?

A good part of those who participate in the baptism choose practical objects for the parents. Considering that the birth of a child entails more expenses with various necessary things, many people opt for practical gifts.

Here are some of the most anticipated gifts for babies at baptism

1. Baby clothes

These are some of the most offered things at baptism. It is easy to buy clothes for small children and many friends, many relatives opt for slightly bigger clothes, which will be useful in the first year of the child's life. You can give as a gift bodysuits, organic cotton clothes, suits, special dresses, overalls, casual clothes, etc.

2. Cots, strollers, high chair, baby car seat, cradle

Although these gifts are more expensive, they are extremely necessary for a newborn. Some of them will be offered directly by nasi. If you are going to a christening and you thought of giving such an object as a gift to your parents, we recommend that you make sure in advance that the parents have not already bought that object. The last thing you want is to give a high chair as a gift, even though the parents have already bought or received this indispensable accessory for babies starting at the age of 6 months.

3. Baby toys

Here's another idea that works great for those who don't know what gift to choose for a baptism. Musical toys, dolls or wooden toys are highly appreciated by parents. There are a lot of toys and play accessories to choose from: activity centers, musical carousels, vanilla babies, textile dolls, teething or educational toys. Sometimes, children get so attached to certain toys that what you choose to offer can be treasured by the child even after 3 - 4 or 7 years.

4. Christening suit

This is usually the gift that falls under the responsibility of the parents and contains everything necessary for the christening of the child. We provide you with complete kits, so that you can streamline the time with placing the order, avoid the stress of placing several orders and choose a package of similar, harmonious accessories.

5. Molding frames

Here is one of the most beautiful and original baby gifts for baptism. A parent will never have too many photo frames to place carefully in the house, in the living room, on the desk, in the baby's room, in the bedroom, etc. What is special about these molding frames is the possibility to impregnate the baby's hand and/or foot on a white plate, carefully placed in a frame. Just imagine how much emotion such a photo frame can evoke years and years from now, when the baby grows up. This is a gift that can remain forever in the heart and home of the parents.

6. Silver-plated objects

Here is an ingenious idea of ​​baby gifts, if you want to impress the parents. You can choose a box with memories with a silver frame, a silver box for the first strand/the first tooth, a silver frame, a silver holder for the birth certificate or a set of silver cutlery for the little one.

In our store you will also find a collection of silver coins, with different themes. This memorable christening gift can be given to both girls and boys. In certain regions of the country, there is a tradition that this penny is used at the feast the day after baptism, when the motto is cut or when the cake is broken, when the strand of hair will stick to the penny with candle wax. Hybrid silver coins are unique and very rare, which has made their value increase in recent years.

7. Gift card for babies

If after all the suggestions above you still don't know what gift to choose for a baby on the occasion of baptism, you have a 100% successful solution: a gift card. Basically, you will give the parents a voucher of a certain value, and they will be able to order from the online store www.camerabebelusului.ro anything they consider necessary for their little child.

Our store is so vast, that parents will have a place to choose a gift exactly according to their wishes. In this way, you avoid the risk of giving a gift that the parents may already have or may not approve of in the form you choose. Parents will choose exactly what they don't have and what they lack for their baby.


If you are wondering what gifts are given at baptism, now you have the list above that can guide you to choose a perfect gift. It is worth investing a few minutes to choose a gift inspired by baptism, because it can remain forever in the memory of the parents and the newborn.