The most beautiful and inspired gift ideas are offered only by Camera Bebelusului

The birth of a new family member is an extremely important moment in the life of every family, especially if we are talking about the first child of a young family. And because this event is so important, you will want to stop time, fully enjoying this moment, the feeling of fulfillment you feel, but especially the baby you are holding in your arms. And because everyone warns you that this moment will pass very quickly and the child will grow, it is understandable why you are looking for the most unique ways to immortalize these moments, to enjoy them later, and why not, to share them with the newest member of the family, when he grows up.

A framed photo placed in a place of honor in the baby's room, in the parents' bedroom or even on the wall in the living room is a classic way to keep these dear memories in the family. But if we want these frames to be more special, personalized even with the imprint of the little one, Camera Bebelusului offers you the most beautiful photo frames with molding to celebrate and mark the birth of the little one. Regardless of whether you choose the Baby Art baby imprint kit, pastel photo frame with molding or Honey photo frame with Double Print Frame molding, you will definitely make the best choice.

Pastel photo frame with hand or foot moulding 

To create an immortal memory, the pastel photo frame with hand or foot molding can be given as a gift, but it can also beautify your own home. You don't need a special occasion to purchase such a photo frame, to create a priceless memory, capable of evoking strong feelings for years and years to come.

The molded photo frames offered by Camera Bebelusului are manufactured in Belgium, from the best materials, in accordance with the European standards in force. The frame can be used for babies whose age is between 0 and 3 years, and has the size of 17 cm x 17 cm, being square. There is no need to worry about making this mold or about the safety of your baby. The materials used are 100% safe, durable and extremely high quality.

When you purchase this pastel photo frame with hand or leg molding, you will receive a kit that consists of a double frame in pastel colors, provided with glass. The glass will protect the photo and will not allow time to influence its qualities; the fact that the protection is made of glass will help to obtain a special clarity of the image, which cannot be obtained in the case of cheap, low-quality photo frames that use plastic material to cover the photo. The impression material is extremely soft and is accompanied by a wooden stick, which can be used to prepare for the impression. The process of making the mold is extremely easy and can even be funny!

Photo frame with hand molding and Honey foot

If you choose the photo frame with hand molding and Honey foot , you will definitely enjoy a special gift. This photo frame is the most beautiful way to keep the memory of your baby's hand and foot. The frame is suitable both to be given as a gift at baptism, when you usually want a less formal gift and something more fun, but also on the occasion of other events such as Christmas, name day or birthday. The Honey photo frame can be used for the age group between 0 and 3 years.

The kit contains the impression frames, the photo frame, the impression material; the Honey photo frame is manufactured in Belgium, being 100% safe for your baby.

The Baby Art Discovery Kit molding kit

When you want to create a precious memory, to keep close at hand, you can use the Baby Art Discovery Kit molding kit. This kit offers you the opportunity to create a wonderful souvenir, by imprinting the baby's hand or foot. You can then cut out the mold, and after it has completely dried, you can use it to make a kitchen magnet, the kit being provided with a magnet for fixing on metal surfaces. The Baby Art Discovery kit is 100% safe for children and is at the same time extremely easy to use and with impressive results, every time.

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Little house for childhood memories

 If we want something more special, we can choose the House for the memories of the child with the fingerprint . This house is a wonderful gift idea, regardless of the occasion - it can be given on the occasion of baptism, at the baby's crib, on the occasion of the birthday or name day. Perfect for children from birth to the age of 8, the house for the memories of the child with the fingerprint is a perfect option that can help the little one to give up his favorite object, when he has grown enough.

The memory box offered by Camera Bebelusului can be personalized with a baby's handprint. When you buy this box, you will receive a set consisting of an instruction manual, an elegant memory box, measuring 22 x 11 x 23 cm, as well as a mini stencil and a tube of paint. You will thus be able to personalize your box for memories exactly as you wish, to fit perfectly in your baby's or child's room!