The most beautiful toys that can be given as Christmas gifts

What other gift could be more appropriate for Christmas than a toy? In the Baby's Room you will find special offers on toys for the baby's crib, but also a varied range of dolls from the Llorens and Reborn range. Llorens dolls represent a very special category of dolls. Made in Spain, Llorens dolls have behind them a rich family tradition in the manufacture of toys. The history of Llorens dolls began in 1958. Llorens is a family business that offered children the highest quality, extremely appreciated toys, but also the first play companions for children all over the world.

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Llorens dolls

The dolls are created in Alicante, through a 100% manual process. The unique design, but also the absolutely original production method, are just some of the aspects that make their dolls extremely popular among both children and adults. Each of the dolls that leave Spain has a unique design, both in terms of appearance and clothing accessories. The entire imagination and vision of the craftsmen is put to the test with each newly created doll. Llorens dolls have brought smiles to children's faces for generations and encouraged them to dream.

Llorens dolls comply with the strictest standards regarding the manufacturing process valid in the European Union, which means that they are safe to be used by children. At the same time, the producers put a special emphasis on both the game and the actual learning process. Aware of the importance of play in children's development, Llorens has created dolls capable of stimulating children from all over the world visually, tactilely, and intellectually.

The Llorens story begins in 1995 in Onil, Alicante, Spain. The foundations of the company were laid by Miguel Llorens, after his grandfather created the first dolls with this name by hand in 1958. The company's vision has been passed down from generation to generation, until today.

Made of the best quality vinyl, extremely delicate and pleasant to the touch, but also of precious textile materials, Llorens dolls are suitable for both girls and boys. The dolls from the Exclusive series are highlighted by authentic shapes, detailed face details and high-quality clothes. The dolls and all the accessories have been tested in accordance with the European rules for the safety of toys and are recommended for children over 3 years old. Each Llorens doll has a certain personality and is suitable for a certain child. Every detail related to the physical features, but also to those of the clothing pieces, is carefully thought out and then created that perfectly authentic and exceptional product down to the smallest detail.

Whether we choose a Llorens doll in the newborn version, with the size of 26 cm and clothes as if taken from stories, or whether we choose the 35, 38 or 44 cm babies, the children will definitely be delighted with the gift. The knitting, the accessories, and the extremely attractive color of these dolls make them the ideal gift for any little girl at Christmas.

The 35 cm Llorens baby with a pacifier can also make specific sounds, if pressed on the tummy. Blue eyes, long eyelashes, fine details are just some of the characteristics of this toy that will make it particularly attractive for children. Dressed in clothes in shades of white and blue, baby Llorens is 35 cm tall and matches perfectly with the pacifier and blanket that comes with the package.

Reborn dolls

Reborn dolls are made of materials that simulate the characteristics of a real baby's skin down to the smallest detail. Identical in shape and size to a natural baby, Reborn dolls also play an important role in children's development. Recommended for children over 3 years old, Reborn dolls are the first choice of any child during Christmas. Reborn dolls recreate the appearance of a real baby - the details of the hair, the long and thick eyelashes, the carefully contoured nails, the position of the fingers and hands, the clothes with an impeccable cut - all remind us of a real baby.

Baby dolls are especially loved by children and contribute to their responsibility process, because the little one will recreate the care and attention he had in the attitude he will have towards the doll. A baby doll can develop the child's compassion and empathy. Reborn dolls are extremely delicate, but at the same time always ready to play, an ideal partner for children over 3 years old, regardless of whether they are boys or girls.

Reborn dolls are accompanied by quality certificates attesting to their value. These toys can be given as gifts, especially during Christmas, but also on special occasions in the child's life. Since they are made of organic materials, they can be used safely even by small children, being extremely pleasant to the touch and at the same time creating a feeling of closeness to children. Playing with dolls, the child develops his imagination, creativity, but also critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

The dolls favor the learning process of some rules of behavior in society, in a neutral environment, but at the same time extremely familiar for the little one. Repository of the child's purest feelings, baby dolls will represent not only the ideal play companion, but also a first learning partner.

Toys for the baby's crib

Another wonderful gift idea for Christmas is represented by toys for the baby's crib . You can choose between musical plush toys , chirping toys, rattle toys, attachment or teething toys , spiral plush toys or in the form of educational bells.