Besides the choice of furniture, stroller or car seat for babies, that of accessories can be extremely difficult. They must be useful and aesthetically pleasing. Among other things, at the Baby's Room you can find accessories for the most important activities of the little one: rest, bath and meal.

Baby Room Bucharest Baby crib accessories

Cot accessories
Regarding the baby's crib, a crib organizer is very useful, with the help of which you can have the baby's toys, hygiene products or other things that you consider essential. It can be mounted on any wooden cot with slats or on the wall.
Baby cot pocket organizer
Of course, from the list of cot accessories, the blanket could not be missing. Whether it is a thin one or a thick blanket, it is extremely useful and effective. In addition, in the absence of other ideas, it is the perfect gift for a newborn.

The canopy is also an extremely effective accessory. It protects the child against insects and gives a magical look to the little one's room. The canopies from the Baby's Room are made of special, non-toxic materials, made in accordance with safety and quality standards in the field of textiles.
Canopy Baby cot beech wood with support included
Table accessories
After the baby has slept, he has to eat. That's why the Baby Room has prepared everything needed for this activity to take place successfully. From a manual breast pump to a food processor for babies, here you can find items such as a compartmentalized bowl with a spoon, a silicone bib, spoon sets, bottles with a silicone teat or even a bottle warmer.

Bathroom accessories
Regarding the baby's bath, the tub is the indispensable element. You can also opt for an ergonomic support with an anatomical shape that allows the child to sit on his back, in a stable, comfortable position, with his arms and legs free, the head will always be on the surface of the water, while the body is in the water. Besides these, the Baby Room offers potties, brush and comb sets, digital bath and room thermometer, hooded cotton towel, baby robe, baby kit, nail scissors, file and much more.

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