Diapers and changing tables are an extraordinary invention that make parents' lives much easier. But, some parents wonder: how many diapers does a newborn use every day?

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How many diapers does a newborn need?

The number of diapers a baby uses is a good indicator that shows if the baby is eating enough and if it is well hydrated. Fewer wet diapers may indicate dehydration and fewer stools in the diaper may be the result of constipation, low milk supply or other digestive problems.

In the first days after birth, the total number of diapers used will generally increase from day to day. 5 days after birth, it is possible for the baby to wet 5 diapers and have about 3 stools a day. In the first weeks, a newborn may need up to 10-12 diapers a day.

As the child grows, the required number of diapers tends to decrease.

In general, a good indication that the baby is getting enough food is if it has 6-8 wet diapers a day.

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When do you know it's time to change your baby's diaper?

You should change your baby's diaper at least every 2-3 hours. However, the number of changes also depends on how sensitive his skin is. The skin of a newborn is very delicate and it is possible that he needs a new diaper every time he urinates, to avoid reddening of the skin. It is important to change a baby's diaper as soon as possible after he has had a stool.

Changing diapers at a longer interval can lead to infections or rashes.

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How do you change a baby's diaper?

First of all, make sure you use a good changing table or chest of drawers . This will greatly facilitate your activity. Remember that some babies urinate immediately after being exposed to the open air. Keep him covered until you change his diaper, to avoid mess.

Usually, small babies up to 4 months are cooperative when it comes to changing diapers. If you have a baby up to 4 months, lift his legs with one hand and place the clean diaper under his bottom with the other hand. Now unfold the old diaper and wipe the bottom with the inner side while removing it.

Next, wipe the bottom and nearby areas using a wet napkin or a piece of cotton diaper. Remove the dirty diaper and used wipes from under the baby's bottom and place them in a safe place.

While putting on a new diaper, make sure the front of the diaper is placed between his legs and at the same level as the back - generally around belly button level. Check the slats of the diaper to be well fixed and uniform in front and that there are no gaps around the hips. Make sure that the edge around the legs does not block the elastic edges of the diaper. This helps prevent leaks. Before the umbilical cord falls, the top of the diaper should be folded slightly so as not to cover the area and to allow the navel to dry normally.

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How do you choose baby diapers?

Both cotton and disposable diapers are practical and available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Disposable diapers are practical, comfortable, but in the long term cloth diapers are cheaper. Diaper rash can occur from skin contact with stool or urine for excessive periods of time. Because cloth diapers cannot keep the baby's skin dry, it is imperative to change them quickly, as soon as they get dirty or wet. Ultimately, the decision to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers depends on the family's own needs and concerns.

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Diapers are a useful invention and make life easier for new parents. How many diapers will you need per day to change a newborn? In the first weeks, a newborn will use about 10 diapers a day. As they grow, babies will use fewer diapers. At 5 months, he might need about 6 diapers a day.