When the child comes into the world, he brings immense joy to the soul of his parents and family. The joy is then shared with all loved ones, friends, parents, relatives, on the occasion of baptism, the first major event in a child's life.

Baptism is on the one hand a party of joy, to celebrate the little life that begins its natural course, and on the other hand the christening service of the small child. Being usually the second most important social event that Romanians can participate in (after the wedding), beyond the incredible emotional burden, the parents and godparents will start sizing up a budget for organizing everything necessary for the baptism.

baby girl baptism dresses

Considering that the baptism takes place shortly after the birth of the child, some parents start preparing for the baptism right from the pregnancy period. Fortunately, the godparents will also be involved in the organization of the baptism, in one way or another. Both parents and godparents will ask themselves: How much does a baptism cost?

While the godparents will bear the costs of the church, the baby's clothes, the kit, the gift for their son or daughter-in-law, baptism candle and other materials needed at the church, the parents will cover the expenses of the actual organization of the event from their budget.

The costs for organizing the christening party

They are usually supported by parents or grandparents. The prices for organizing a baptism are influenced by several factors, but here are the main costs that you must consider:

  • baptismal certificates
  • renting the venue for the event
  • menu price
  • costs for photo-video services
  • CAKE
  • the cost for the band or DJ
  • optional teddy bear for baptism
  • the gift for the nose or nasa

The costs for organizing the baptism at the church

baptism suit for the boy

According to tradition, the godparents are the ones who will bear these expenses. Here they are:

  • baptism kit , which contains a baby towel, myrrh cloth, myrrh sash and priest's towel
  • payment for religious services at the church
  • baby clothes: baptism suits for boys or baptism dresses for girls
  • baptism candle (which can be customized)
  • other accessories for baptism: chest, pillow, etc

How much does it cost to organize a baptism in a pandemic?

The global situation in recent months, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, has meant huge challenges on all levels, including for those who had planned important events this summer: weddings and baptisms.

Now, the parents of the newborn and the godparents must comply with some restrictions such as limiting the number of participants at the baptism, both at the religious service and at the subsequent party. Under these conditions, we tell you roughly how much a baptism costs for 16-20 people:

  • menu cost: from 200 lei/menu
  • space rental (premises or outdoor space, tent, garden): from 3000 lei
  • DJ prices - from 800 lei
  • bargain price: from 450 lei
  • nose gift: from 500 lei
  • baptism testimonies: from 80 lei (5 lei/witness)
  • baptism cake: from 600 lei

At a quick calculation, the costs for organizing the baptism party start from around 8,600 lei and are largely influenced by the chosen location (which also dictates the price of the menu per guest).

How much do godparents pay for a baptism?

Even if the prices for organizing the christening party were influenced by the limitation of the number of participants, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the costs that the parents have to cover remain somewhat the same:

  • personalized baptism kit: from 130 lei

The cheapest kit that we offer you contains the 100 x 150 cm cloth, a towel for the baby, a bottle of myrrh, a 100 cm baptismal veil for the myrrh, a soap dish and the towel for the priest.

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A premium suit with lace, velvet or brocade details with bows costs between 220 - 350 lei.

  • religious services at the church: from 200 lei (depending on the location, city, parish, fees for religious services can be between 500 - 1000 lei)
  • baby clothes: baptism suit for boys: between 225 and 660 lei; baptism dress: 130 - 600 lei
  • baptism candle (which can be customized): from 150 lei (with tulle bow). The premium variants with white or golden lace details, doll, flakes, silk, popcorn, velvet cost between 220 and 300 lei
  • other accessories for baptism: chest (from 340 lei), pillow (from 40 lei)

With a budget of at least 650 lei, the godparents can cover all these elements for the baptism at the church, and if they want to go for the premium version, then they should prepare their budget somewhere around 2000 - 3000 lei.

To these can be added other expenses, such as the gift for the baby and other costs requested by the church.

Conclusion baptism costs

We hope that you now have a clearer idea of ​​how much a baptism costs in 2020, a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic that challenges parents and godparents to become creative and go through the experience of a baptism as best they can it would not have been expected 10 - 12 months ago.