The carousel for the baby's crib, a must-have accessory

The musical carousel for the baby's crib is one of the most important purchases that any expectant parent makes. We all know that the centerpiece of the baby's room is the crib, which attracts attention every time we step into this magical world. The musical carousel for the baby's crib is the ideal accessory, that wonderful accessory capable of enhancing the charm of this room, but at the same time bringing important benefits for the physical and mental development of the baby and children.

First of all, a cot carousel attracts with its color and sound. But in addition to the attention-grabbing and decorative function, the carousel for the baby's crib also fulfills a particularly important role in the development of motor skills and later, in the development of language, thus having important educational benefits.

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The musical carousel, the perfect visual stimulus for babies

First of all, the musical carousel visually stimulates the little one. Objects in motion attract the baby's attention, especially by color, but also by shape. The movement printed on the mobile toys that make up the carousel is usually particularly fluid, capable of inducing a state of relaxation and calm, essential for a peaceful and restful sleep of the little one.

The musical carousel will attract the baby's attention and greatly contribute to the correct development of the eye muscles, as a result of which the baby will follow the smooth and repetitive movement of the plush toys with his eyes. As the baby grows, it will also start to move its head to follow the favorite toys installed above the crib. And from here it will be only a step until the baby tries to reach and grab the toys so dear, reaching out for them. In this way, hand-eye coordination will be developed, as well as spatial perception skills, which will allow the appreciation of the distance to the surrounding objects.

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The musical carousel, relaxing with soft music before bed

Usually, musical carousel toys have the main role of calming the little one and preparing him for sleep. The chosen song is especially important. Ideally, the baby would associate both the music and the movement of the toys in the carousel with the rest period, so that it prepares for sleep.

In the Baby's Room, two versions of musical carousels are available, decorated with either teddy bears or hippopotami. The carousels that are part of the Nanan Puccio collection are available in pink or blue. We can choose our favorite color depending on the way we have already decorated the baby's room, but also on our personal preferences. The products are manufactured in Italy in accordance with the strictest European standards and can be used from birth, being the perfect gift for babies of any age. Made of quality materials, non-toxic, non-allergic, extremely pleasant to the touch, the mobile toys will help the little one fall asleep more easily, inducing a state of optimal relaxation and a quick transition into the wonderful world of dreams , in the company of your favorite toys.

In the Baby Room you have at your disposal a musical carousel for baby cribs with hippos. It is part of the Premium Bombo collection and is equipped with four pink, blue and white hippos and stars, being extremely easy to install in the baby's crib, but also to uninstall, if it is necessary to clean the components. The musical carousel can be used safely, due to the fact that the clamping system is extremely precise and once fixed it stays in place. That way, you don't have to worry about it coming off during the night, regardless of the movements your baby may make.

How do we choose the most suitable musical carousel for the baby's crib?

When choosing a musical carousel, we must consider aspects such as the degree of visual stimulation it offers, the possibility of developing motor skills, the sounds used, the type of movement imprinted on the toy, the educational benefits, but also the fit from the point of view of design in the baby's room.

A toy of this type will be all the more visually attractive the more colorful it is. For newborns, it is ideal that these toys are colored in black and white, due to the fact that babies see only in close proximity and in black and white immediately after birth. After the age of 3 months, babies begin to see colors, which means that we can use toys or musical carousels for the baby's crib decorated in blue, yellow, red and green to stimulate the little one.

The shape of the carousel toys, essential for the development of the baby's motor skills

When choosing an interactive carousel, we must also consider the shape of the toys. The more interesting their shape, the more the baby will be visually attracted and will try to bring them closer, thus contributing to the development of motor skills. It is recommended to choose an interactive musical carousel that has a soft melody, usually a lullaby, which helps to relax the little one but also to improve hearing.

A musical carousel for the baby's crib can be extremely educational, because we can teach the little one different words when describing the toys he loves so much that he watches every day and night at bedtime.

Color and design are equally important, both for babies and parents. Most parents choose toys for the baby's room that match the existing design of this room. Because of this, the baby's room offers you a varied offer of colors to suit every room. Whether we choose the musical interactive carousel with cute bears in white and cream, pink or blue or the one with funny hippos, we will provide the baby with more than just a toy, the musical carousel for the crib is at the same time a reliable friend at bedtime, a patient and dedicated teacher, but also a fearless guardian of the baby's sweetest dreams!