Baptism traditions in the new year 2021

This year, the pandemic turned all our plans upside down. The birth of children was more of a challenge than ever, and the new year seems to be just as unknown in terms of expectations.

For the parents who scheduled the birth of the child during the following year or even on the day that marks the transition from one year to another, the emotions are greater, because until the discovery of the unknown there is only a little excitement left that separates the parents from their children.

baby girl baptism sets

And for those who still respect the tradition of baptism one month after birth, the emotions are even greater with so many preparations they have to make in a period of time that passes quickly. We are firmly convinced that you are also curious how the baptism will proceed in 2021 and what are the traditions that you will be able to complete, as we used to before this unpleasant world situation that affected us all. In what follows, we will talk step by step about all these things and what news the year 2021 brings in terms of baptism.

What are the traditions at baptism in 2021

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It seems that even in 2021 we will have to carry out our events with the greatest discretion, so that the guest list will be a symbolic one, of family and close relatives, and it is very unlikely that we will have to postpone the party after or to hold it at home, in the same restricted setting, at a family meal. The number of guests is expected to reach a maximum of 20 people (even less), who will of course have to comply with the measures in force.

Therefore, there is no lack of social distance, but neither a protective mask, nor gloves and disinfectants.

How will a baptism take place in 2021?

As far as the traditions regarding the organization of the baptism are concerned, the parents are still forced to invest in the preparation of the meal, in the purchase of hygiene products for the priest and nasi, which will be used before the baptism at the church, respectively at the next day's ceremony , box and scissors for mot.

The godparents will have to purchase the baby's kit , the candle with appropriate details in relation to the child's gender, a change of clothes for the baptism and the ceremony the next day, but also a chain made of precious materials for the boy or earrings for the girl. Oil and wine for consecration should not be missing from the list of rituals, but also small snacks and drinks.

If the local and/or global situation will change worryingly, there is a possibility that you will have to postpone the after party.

Held at the child's baptism in 2021

The same traditions are kept regarding the bathing of the child, but also regarding the bath the next day. Next, the parents must provide the tub with all the accessories needed for the ritual, and the godparents will have to provide a new row of clothing and accessories and extinguish the baptismal candle on the door frame or throw the water in an area as clean as possible , like the root of some plants.

Next, it is recommended to purchase the necessary for a baptism from the online environment, limiting as much as possible our own protection and especially that of the baby. In this sense, at Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului we provide you with all the things that both parents and future godparents need, available both in the showroom and in our online store where they can be ordered with a single click directly at the door of your house.

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