What do doctors recommend for newborn care?

As parents, we know what is best for our child. Each individual child, right from birth, comes with individual needs and forms his own personality over time. That's why every baby comes with "personalized" needs, and that's why, most of the time, parents are the ones who know them and can provide for them.

However, there are some recommendations of doctors that we should take into account. Although we, as parents, decide what is best for our baby, there are some general aspects related to feeding, hygiene and care of the baby, which could make your life easier. Here are some of them!

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Regarding the baby's hygiene, we will have to be very careful. In addition to the fact that the baby's diapers will have to be changed on time, doctors recommend that he be bathed every day. Also, when changing his diaper, it is recommended not to use wet wipes except in situations where we do not have access to water. In the rest of the time, it is recommended that the dirt left on the baby's body be removed with clean water and soap.

Umbilical cord - the fear of all mothers

You probably give or have given your baby a lot of attention to the umbilical stump in the first days after birth. After the birth, the umbilical cord through which the baby was nourished in the mother's womb is cut by the doctor, and then this ending dries up and falls off, in a period between 5-15 days after birth.

baby umbilical cord care

This ending is called the umbilical stump, and necessarily needs special attention from the parents, because improper hygiene in this area can lead to infections.

However, there were definitely times when this umbilical stump scared you. And there were definitely times when you gave him much more attention than was necessary. Therefore, there are some things you should know about him:

  1. During the bath, the fact that the water reaches the surface of the umbilical stump is not a problem. And this is an area that must be cleaned and, at the same time, it is an area that can be dried quickly and which, after bathing, must be cleaned with sanitary alcohol. For wooden accessories CLICK HERE
  2. Do not panic when small bleeding occurs during the process of removing the abutment, clean the area with sanitary alcohol and sterile compresses and everything should proceed normally. As long as the bleeding is small, you don't have to worry.
  3. Don't be afraid that you could hurt the baby while cleaning the trunk. Clean the area calmly and give it the importance it needs. Try to clean the area completely with alcohol and do not leave unclean surfaces for fear of touching or moving the abutment in another direction, because incomplete cleaning could lead to infections. Think that everything you do is for the good of your baby, and as for the stump, the complete cleaning of the area can only do him good, it won't hurt him.

Baby food

Doctors recommend that the baby's diet should consist of breast milk, because it has the ability to support the necessary nutrients that the baby needs in order to become a strong adult in the future.

That is why, if there are no medical problems and your body is able to have lactation after birth, we recommend that in the first 6 months after birth, you feed your baby exclusively at the breast, because you will be doing him a big favor!

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After these 6 months, it is recommended that, slowly, slowly, the process of food diversification also begins, and, gradually, new foods are introduced into the baby's diet.

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Breastfeeding also plays a very important role in the early detection of allergies. In the sense that, in the mother's milk, there are nutrients present in the foods that she consumed before, so, through the reactions that the baby has after breastfeeding (diarrhea, vomiting, skin eruptions, etc.), we can give notice if certain foods consumed by the mother harm her, and thus we can remove them from the mother's and implicitly the child's diet. Regarding the food allergies of the baby, breastfeeding has a very important role, because these allergies can be detected with fewer repercussions on the child.

This means that, when you are breastfeeding, and the baby is allergic to a food that you have consumed, you do not feed it directly with the allergen, as it could be if the diversification has already started, but you feed it with the milk maternal, in which case the food to which the baby is allergic and which your milk contains, will produce much fewer reactions than that food would produce in its pure state.

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Other things that might be useful to you

Sometimes, out of too much love, we mothers protect our babies more than it should be. And dressing the baby in too many clothes, for fear of catching a cold, is one of these cases.

Always try to put yourself in your baby's shoes, and no matter how tempting it may seem, if you go for a walk with your baby in a T-shirt in the summer, don't put a hat on his head! Try, as much as possible, not to give him too many clothes, dress him as you would dress yourself. If you are hot, he is too, if you are cold, he will be too.

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Don't be afraid to air the baby's room either. Often, as a mother, you are afraid that your baby will catch a cold. And you try to protect the little one too much. What I can say, though, is the fact that the fresh air will definitely do the baby good, just make sure that the little one is properly dressed or that the room temperature remains suitable.

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Another aspect that must be discussed is the baby's sleep, especially the position in which the child should be when sleeping. Since the little one does not have a fully developed digestive system, regurgitation or vomiting of milk will often occur, which is why the baby will always have to be placed in the crib on its side. Never on your back! Thus avoiding any chance of drowning during sleep.

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It is recommended that, occasionally, the baby be left in the cot and face down, on the tummy, because this helps him develop over time and create greater mobility. But this is done only under the supervision of an adult, to prevent any kind of injury.

As for the visitors, it is recommended that at least during the period of praise they come to the baby with a reduced frequency. This period is also a difficult one for you as a mother, and it should be a period in which you, as a mother, recover and recover easily, easily after giving birth. So maybe you should think more about yourself, and not about the guest. Try to keep only very close people around you, who are of real help during this period.

newborn feeding care

Focus on you and your baby, leave the others aside. Of course, everyone will be curious and super excited about the birth of a new family member, but leave them alone, you and the little one are the most important! There will be time to play, there will also be time for family reunions, but in the first place, you and your child will have to be calm.

Focus on what is best for you and try to take only the good side of things. We hope that at least a few things from this article will be useful to you!