Regardless of whether you are used to bathing your little one two or three times every week or, if you find this experience extremely pleasant, once a day, you will need certain accessories. The Baby's Room offers you a varied range of accessories necessary for the little one's playtime to take place in the best conditions.

The indispensable element is of course represented by the baby's bathtub. In the Camera Bebelusului online store you will find a varied range of products such as folding baby bath chairs, ergonomic supports for bathtubs, digital thermometers, robes, towels and ponchos for babies.


Baby's tub

It is essential to document yourself thoroughly before deciding on a model and a size of the bathtub, considering that this accessory will be useful for a period of at least a few months. In the Baby Room you will find bathtubs with ergonomic support, simple bathtubs or ergonomic supports for the bathtub that can be used in any type of existing bathtub.

Bathtub with ergonomic support, the perfect choice for sophisticated parents

The bathtub with ergonomic support is made of high-quality materials, having an anatomical shape that allows efficient support of the baby's body. The ergonomic baby tub can be used in two different positions - for babies aged between 0 and 6 months, the lying position of the tub is used, while for those aged between 6 and 12 months, the seated position of the tub with support is used ergonomic. It is available in a wide range of colors, offering the possibility of matching it to the room in which you will use it or to your color preferences. You can choose an ergonomic tub yellow like the sun, green if you like spring and nature, pink or cream for girls or navy blue for boys.

Simple bathtub and explosion of color

The simple bathtub available in the Baby's Room can be used up to the age of one year. You can choose between two size options, 86 or 102 cm. The simple tub is made of quality plastic material, being available in shades of pink, purple, yellow or blue, for the 86 cm one or green, purple, yellow or blue for the 102 cm one.

The ergonomic support for the tub, optimal functionality and comfort

Another option available to you is to use an ergonomic support for the bathtub . It can be used for all types of cases, being provided with a suction cup-based fastening system. This support is made of plastic and has an anatomical shape, being intended for use in the case of babies aged between 0 and 10 months.

Using this support, the baby will have a comfortable position on its back, the head being positioned above the water level, while the body is submerged in the tub. When you choose an ergonomic support for the bathtub, you should know that it can only be used for children whose weight is less than 8 kg and whose maximum height does not exceed 70 cm.

The folding bathroom chair, the most practical accessory for small spaces

The main advantage of this accessory for the bathroom is the fact that it can be installed, used and stored extremely easily. The folding bath chair allows the front part to be detached, so that the baby can be positioned extremely easily in the chair. The clamping system is provided with suction cups and ensures a stable position and conditions of maximum safety. The folding baby bath chair can be used for babies up to 14 kg. In addition, this bath chair is designed to offer maximum protection to the baby, being provided with rounded edges that protect the child from any unwanted accidents. The folding bathroom chair can be stored extremely easily, allowing a judicious organization of the space you have at hand.

Most of the time, parents are worried about the temperature of the water in the bathtub and tend to prepare a bath that is much too cold for their child. A simple way to check if the temperature of the water in the bathtub is the right one for babies is to test it on the wrist of our hand, on that area that has very sensitive skin.

If we are not sure that the temperature is the right one, we can use a thermometer. The Baby Room offers you a special 2-in-1 thermometer - this thermometer allows you to measure the temperature in the room, but also the temperature in the water. The thermometer offered by the Baby Room is equipped with warning LEDs that light up if the water is not at the right temperature. The special design, but also the fact that this thermometer does not contain BPA, latex or phthalates, make it suitable for use with babies. It is advisable to measure the temperature of the water both before and during the bathing of the child using this thermometer. You will have extra security that the baby can enjoy a pleasant bath, thus preparing him for a restful sleep. But what do we do after we have finished bathing the baby?

The bathrobes and bath towels, the fluffy pampering from the Baby's Room

This is the moment when the baby can enjoy moments of maximum pampering, by using the bath towels and robes offered by Camera Bebelusului, made of 100% cotton. The bathrobes and bath towels are extremely soft and absorbent, warm but also pleasant to the touch, made in Italy from the best materials. Towels and robes are essential accessories that you will need to protect the child from the drop in body temperature, immediately after the bath. The fact that they are made of 100% cotton eliminates the risk of the baby developing allergic reactions upon contact with them.

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You can choose a bathrobe or a hooded towel or a poncho that keeps the baby warm, immediately after the bath. And what else would be more appropriate to prepare the little one for a soft sleep than a swaddling system that ensures maximum comfort and safety?

SwaddleMe swaddling system from Summer Infant

This baby swaddling system was created with the help of pediatric specialists and recreates the feeling of being a baby in the mother's belly. Using this swaddle system, babies will sleep better, much more quietly, being protected from the risk of bumping their hands during sleep. This system offered by Camera Bebelusului has been awarded with numerous awards both from clients and approved forums - Pediatrician Award Winning Swaddler, Iparenting Media, The National Parenting Center.

SwaddleMe swaddling system is an easy-to-use product, regardless of whether you choose to use it in the stroller, in the car seat or at home, ensuring an extremely secure fixation. The system is provided with an adjustable fastening method, it is easy to clean in the washing machine and can be adjusted in size on the sides.

If it is necessary to change the baby's diaper, the swaddleme wrapping system can be opened at the bottom, without the baby having to be completely undressed. Thus, SwaddleMe represents the perfect swaddling system, extremely comfortable and safe, the perfect substitute for the comfort that the baby felt in the mother's belly.

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