When it comes to babies and the products intended for them, the market is full of extremely varied offers, and when you are preparing to be a mother in a short time, all these countless options can become overwhelming.

Differences between babynests and side protections BabyNest Francisc AnneBebe Boy Cotton Blue Powder Organic

Are you thinking about where the baby will sleep and you don't know what to choose to be suitable for you, as a family? Below, I explain what a babynest entails and the difference between it and the side protections. You just have to choose what you think suits you and your child, depending on your lifestyle.

What is a babynest?

The name of the word is taken as such, from the English language, and translates as a nest for the baby, which can itself be considered a definition of this term. Because it looks exactly like a nest, for a human cub. The Babynest consists of a soft and comfortable mattress, with high edges, which delimit the sleeping area of ​​the little one.

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Often, this nest also has side handles, which make it easier for the baby to move around the house, without disturbing sleep, which can be considered a great advantage.

For example, if you have a little work to do in the living room and you want the baby to be close to you, but he has already fallen asleep in the bedroom, you can easily move him with the babynest, without having to wake him up.

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What is the role of side protections?

Bed guards are used especially for wooden cots, protecting the baby from the hard sides. These are extremely useful when the baby begins to roll over and protect the child from catching his hands and feet between the bars of the bed. You have to be careful when installing the side protections , to make sure that you grip them very well, to avoid accidents.

We recommend the 360 ​​protections created in the Annebebe workshop, in Romania, which offer total protection for the crib. They consist of 4 pieces, of which two sides and two ends, with a zipper in the lower part, so that they can be easily detached, cleaned and washed. We can make custom 360 side protections with the baby's name, as well as different sizes depending on the size of the cot.

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The difference between the two

Even if both have the same purpose, namely, the safe sleep of the child, the babynest and the side protection are different. In recent years, co-sleeping (sleeping together with the baby) has become more and more appreciated by parents, and the babynest fulfills this desire very well, because it offers the safety of mother and child during the night.

The baby has its own sleeping space, and you will not be stressed that you will hit the baby while sleeping. You can even breastfeed the little one in the babynest, its sides being soft and you can rest quietly on its edge, without changing your position.

side protections

Another major difference is mobility. The side protections, once attached to the cot, are best left where they are, while the babynest can be walked around the house, when you have work to do and the little one sits next to you.

Another important aspect in terms of mobility, when you go on visits or trips, the babynest offers the baby the familiarity and sleep routine wherever you are. The little one will not feel any difference, his som not being affected.

You have to take into account your lifestyle, your needs, your child's and your family's to choose exactly what suits you. Although different, both the babynest and the side protection offer safety to your baby during sleep.