At AnneBebe we believe that imagination and joy are two essential components of furniture and care items for children and babies.

Dreams come true

  • Why does a bed only have to look like a bed and an armchair only like an armchair?
  • Why couldn't it look like a fairy palace, a ballroom, a corner of the jungle or even a pirate ship?
  • Why would children's furniture be limited to some rigid standards and not allow the child to enter the realms of imagination, where dreams come true?

We can confirm that dreams do come true and our story itself proves this. In 2001, with an unpretentious sewing machine, we started to dream. Over the course of 19 years, AnneBebe's dream became stronger and stronger and included thousands of children's smiles and people delighted with the choice they made. Today, AnneBebe is a dream come true and a dream provider for children, babies and new parents.

We invite you to join us for an exciting adventure in the world of creation and the delight of the little ones.

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The AnneBebe mission

Let's offer pieces of furniture , clothes, christening outfits and accessories for children and babies in a unique form, ready to allow the fulfillment of the bravest dreams.

At Annebebe, we are extremely attentive to the emotional charge that each piece of furniture, each toy and each play accessory creates and transmits. When we design christening clothes, we choose precious materials, cheerful designs and gala ideas.

With us, nothing is by chance.

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What do we do?

For over 19 years, we have been with expectant mothers, new parents, and excited godparents and we help them all make the best choices when it comes to the baby's room, the accessories they place beautifully in their little universe that will become more and more. We interact every day with parents, grandparents, godparents, family friends of a newborn and we welcome with joy all the special experiences that try each of them. It is a unique feeling that animates us. It is the engine that supports us and pushes us to become better and better.

Setting up the baby's room

We know well what happens to big people who find out that in less than 9 months they will receive the most important guest of their life. They turn into good wizards.

From a guest room, an office or other empty space, they begin to create a magical corner: the baby's room. For the baby's room, we offer high-quality, practical, functional and convertible cots. All cots, chests of drawers, changing tables and other pieces of furniture in the baby's room are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. When the furniture reaches you and you place each piece in its place, you will know that your dreams are coming true.

Born from the desire to fulfill all the dreams of little girls and boys, the furniture we propose impresses in every detail: finish, practicality, safety, elegance, good taste. Just as fairy tales are timeless, these pieces of furniture for the baby's room, designed from the heart and with passion, are made to last. Discover the uniqueness of Erbesi furniture and the sensitivity of Nanan toys and accessories, which center on the most beloved character for children: the teddy bear.

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Who are AnneBebe's customers?

  • expectant mothers and future fathers extremely emotional and excited about the baby that they will welcome with open arms in a short time
  • godparents who made a wonderful decision to baptize a child, girl or boy
  • grandparents who want to make a memorable surprise for the child who will be their grandson or granddaughter
  • aunt, uncle, family friends looking for christening gifts and baby gifts, to share in the joy of the birth of a child
  • parents and relatives of older children who choose inspired clothes, toys, camera accessories, photo frames, etc.

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What wonderful things do you find at AnneBebe?

1. Furniture for babies

If you are arranging the baby's room, count on us. We can help you decorate it from A to Z with good taste, in a unified, modern, elegant and above all safe style. With us you can find the most beautiful cots for babies (including co-sleeping cots and cots that grow at the same time as the little one, because they meet his developmental needs from 0 to 5 years). We also offer you changing tables, chests of drawers, wardrobes, cabinets and a lot of complete sets, so that you can save time and money.

2. Bed accessories

If you have designed the baby's room, it is time for the accessories for the crib. Discover our impressive collections of bed linen, changing table covers, babynest , canopy, pillows, organizers and beautiful blankets.

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3. Articles for baptism

Are you preparing for a baptism? See all the wonderful pieces we created especially for the first important event in a child's life. We have the most beautiful clothes for baptism, which we designed and created ourselves. See colorful, white or cream dresses for the little fairies and boys' costumes for the little princes. All are delicate, with impeccable and remarkable details. Also, godparents will be able to order baptism candles , kits, chests, certificates, silver coins or baptism gifts from us.

4. Clothes 0 - 12 years

We follow your little one's steps even after he grows up. Choose from us the most beautiful clothes, created with care and love for childhood and innocence. For children's clothes, we prefer natural, cheerful and fine materials.

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5. Care and hygiene of the baby

We know how important it is to always have everything you need for your baby's hygiene at hand. That's why we invite you to discover the collection of baby essentials: nail care kits, bathroom accessories and bathrobes, towels, sleeping bags, table accessories, etc.

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6. Gifts for children and babies

For baptism, for the first name, the first year of life, for Christmas and other important occasions, choose the most beautiful and inspired gifts: photo frames , clothes, molding frames and educational, thermal toys, night lights, cars, tricycles, etc.

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7. Maternity accessories

As much as we love children, we have immense respect for mothers, these heroines who dedicate their lives to their little ones with so much love and patience. In the category of accessories for mothers, you can find maternity bags, pillows and thermal accessories.

Plan & Save and Promotional Offers

Because we know how important it is to divide your budget wisely for the arrival of the baby, a moment that will attract some important investments, we created the Plan & Save offer, which helps you save money. Calculate the month in which you expect the baby and order from us the furniture for the baby's room so that you receive it in a month, two or three. Depending on the delivery option, the discount is different, so for a longer delivery period, the discount is higher.

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In addition to the Plan & Save offer, we constantly reward the loyalty of our customers. We offer discounts of up to 33%, discounts on different levels of orders and many other monthly surprises.

Where do Annebebe products come from?

Annebebe is a direct importer, and this is a confirmation of the fact that you will find the best prices with us. The products come from the West, from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the USA. No less than 50 international brands are present on our website, exclusively, and this makes us extremely happy.

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What differentiates us from others?

  • Over 19 years of experience online, but also in most physical stores and shopping centers in Bucharest.
  • Importer prices and unique products that we always bring
  • Permanent stock. Over 80% of our products are in stock, available for immediate delivery
  • Plan & Save. The remaining 20% ​​are available for pre-order, with lower prices
  • Own workshop. We have many baby items that we make in-house: casual baby clothes and christening clothes, babynest, etc.
  • Customization option. You can order kits, clothes, toys, photo frames with the baby's name, godparents or the date of the baptism event.
  • Love. Although we left it at the end, the love for children, the emotion that tries us every time we think that we achieve and offer the first things in a child's life, sensitizes us terribly, but also makes us responsible.

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Customers recommend us

The following photos are a small part of those received from Annebebe clients on social networks or by email.

We thank all those who chose us, recommend us further and/or return to us. These are the best indications that prove to us that what we do brings added value to the lives of children and parents.

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