Personalized baby gifts. By embroidery

If you want to make a special gift for a baby and its parents, nothing is more suitable than a personalized thing. We are happy to announce that in our creative workshops we make a lot of personalized things for the little ones. From personalized christening kits (myrrh cloth, veil, towel), to babynests , pillows , chests, bed linens and quilts, you will find a lot of ideas for the first beautiful gifts in a baby's life.

We invite you to read this article to discover at your leisure what wonderful things we can do with our embroidery machines.
What can be embroidered on each item separately?

For parents who are going to baptize a baby at the church, we offer the possibility of customizing kits for girls and boys. If you want to order a complete christening kit, with personalized candle and memory box/chest printed with a thought from the noses or with the name and date of baptism, you will be able to make all your favorite settings right on the order page. More precisely, if you have chosen a christening kit, a candle or a chest, on the order page you can add for customization:

- the baby's name

- date of baptism

- a nice thought from the noses

- you can select your favorite colors from those available for embroidery

- you can choose which area to customize (in the case of baptism chests).

From the range of baptism products, here is what we can customize:

- myrrh cloth

Personalization Trusou Panza Mir

- personalized towel with the baby's name

Customizing Suitcase Towel

- facade for baptism

personalized baptism facade

- the candle for baptism

- the chest/box for baptism.

Personalized baby gifts - how much does it cost?

A personalized baptism kit starts from 40 lei. Personalized embroidery on the myrrh cloth and the towel is 40 lei, and on the baptism veil is 20 lei. Depending on your preferences, you can customize all these 3 main objects for baptism or just one of them.

In addition to the baby's name and the date of the christening event at the church, the christening kit can also be personalized with a nice greeting or a short message from the noses (the limit is 40 characters, so that the framing is harmonious).

To customize the baptism chest, the price is 50 lei, and the embroidery can be done on the velvet band around the lid and/or on the embroidered ellipse on the side. The candle can be personalized with the baby's name and the date of the event and costs 50 lei.

BabyNest Filip AnneBebe - Customized Blue Cot Reducer

Apart from these special things for christening, in our creative workshop we can also make other personalized baby gifts: bed linen gift set, personalized baby pillow, quilts, babynests. Customizing a babynest bed reducer is 30 lei and can be done with a favorite text message. The customization time is on average 7 days.

A gift of the soul for a baby can be a personalized baby bed linen. The set can include the personalization of the pillow and the crib protectors with the child's name, and the price is 50 lei.

What colors can you choose for embroidering personalized baby gifts?

In the pages of each product that can be customized, the colors with which the message, name or date of baptism can be embroidered (as applicable) are available. For example, you can choose from the following colors for the briefcase: blue, navy blue, pink, red, cream, gold and brown.

personalized kit

What can be written on personalized baby gifts?

In the case of personalized gifts for baptism (suit, candle, chest/box), we can embroider the initials of the parents, the name of the child, the date of the christening event, a short message from the parents, a nice text for the baby.

In the case of a babynest or a crib linen set (with pillowcase and crib protectors), for personalization you can choose the child's initials, a short exhortation for life, the child's name or a message from the heart.

personalized kit for baptism

Message recommendations for personalized baptism kits for babies

- With love from nasi!

- Dads love you!

- Dearfully! Your noses!

- From today I am baptized!

- Now I am a Christian!

- I was baptized today!

- From nasi, with love!

- Wonderful Life!

- Be good and fair!

- You are amazing!

- Joy! Today you were baptized!

- To be happy!

That's it for personalized baby gifts. We hope that we have inspired you to make a nice surprise for the parents of the little one and the baby. Personalized gifts will remain in the heart of the recipient for a long time. To see your child's name embroidered on some quality things and to walk with your finger on the letters impregnated in the materials is a very emotional thing. It will be the same for the little one in a few years, when he will discover his christening kit or baby pillow in the closet.

You already know that in our stores you can find christening clothes for babies, personalized rompers with embroidery, babynest - a very beautiful personalized gift, personalized gift set with bed linen, personalized baby chest with the name and dates of baptism.

You're welcome!