Swings and playgrounds, the most suitable gifts for an unforgettable Christmas

Because it is already autumn and we can no longer afford to spend time outdoors with our baby, we can focus on activities that we can do together in the comfort of our own home. Although at first glance it might seem that we don't really have a way to provide the baby with enough interesting activities at home, the reality is completely different. Everything you need is available in the Baby Room. Whether you want a play area for babies and children, a rocking chair or an electric cradle, the Baby Room offers you the most wonderful products that can stimulate the little one, but can also contribute to their development, both physically as well as the psyche.

From birth we can use the Nanan Puccio rocking chair, as well as the Bombo play area for babies and children. Both are made by Nanan, a manufacturer known as an international leader in the world of children's products. The Italian brand offers a varied range of furniture products, but also clothes, care products, toys and many other items needed in the baby's room. The special quality of the materials used, as well as the exceptional design and color, are indisputable arguments for using Nanan products. The Bombo play area for babies and children can be used from birth, being a perfect gift for both children and babies.

The playground for babies and children Bombo

You can now forget about taking care of your baby because the hippopotamus will become the baby's play companion and will offer him wonderful moments, regardless of whether he is playing alone or with friends. The fluffy mattress of the playground is an ideal relaxation and play space for babies, made of soft plush, thanks to the materials used. The Bombo playground is ideal for babies and children, because there is no risk of injury. In addition, if the little one gets tired, he can rest quietly in this playground provided with a pillow in the shape of a hippopotamus head. The manufacturers thought about the parents' comfort, including when they chose the materials, so that they can be easily washed in the washing machine.

 The Nanan Puccio swing from 0 months

The Nanan Puccio swing can be used from birth. Decorated with three cheerful plush toys, the rocking chair is provided with an additional pillow in the head area, able to offer increased comfort to the baby. Equipped with two adjustable positions, the rocking chair offers an increased degree of safety for the baby through the attachment belt with which it is provided.

The materials used are non-allergic, soft and delicate, easy to clean. In addition, the rocking chair is provided with a toy bar, which can be easily detached. The funny bears, but also the other decorative elements will stimulate the little one, both visually and tactilely. The toy bar can be detached very easily, so that the baby can be easily positioned in the seat. And if we also take into account that it has built-in vibrations capable of ensuring the tranquility of the baby, you will definitely come to the conclusion that this rocking chair is an ideal choice for any parent, but especially for the little ones.

Nanan Tato Electric Swing and Rocker, the perfect Christmas gift

If we want to offer fun and happy moments to our baby, we can always choose the white Nanan Tato rocking chair . This is a 2 in 1 electric swing, with five swing speeds, which is additionally provided with all kinds of songs that we can choose from when we want to calm the child or ensure a peaceful sleep. The electric swing is provided with a toy bar decorated with teddy bears and crescents. For the safety of the baby, the manufacturers provided this 2 in 1 cradle with a three-point fastening belt, able to offer maximum comfort and safety to the little one. The product can be used from birth and represents a maximum of pampering and comfort that we can offer the baby. The fact that the rocking speed can be adjusted, but also that the cradle is provided with different songs, the volume of which can be adjusted - is the ultimate guarantee of a quality product, capable of providing the much-needed rest to the baby. At the same time, the swing can offer the most fun and happy moments in the company of Nanan toys. The electric cradle with music for babies is particularly practical, because it is provided with removable covers and toys, which can be easily cleaned and washed at 30 degrees. In addition, the musical rocking chair is the ideal gift for the approaching Christmas!

Baby swing from Plus Nanan Tato White

In the Baby's Room you will find the most wonderful extra rocking chair for children offered by Nanan. The extensive experience of the Italian manufacturer translates into products of exceptional quality, with a special design, which children soon come to love. The teddy bear swing is made of a solid wood frame, with carefully finished handles and footrests. The soft and fluffy teddy bear will represent your child's ideal playmate, which will contribute to his development, but also to the stimulation of visual and tactile senses. For girls, you can choose the pink version, while for boys it is recommended to choose the blue rocking chair.

In addition, rocking chairs play an important role in the development of children's motor skills. Although at first they are attracted by the color and shape, in a short time the children will love the rocking bear and will become almost inseparable. By using the rocking chair, fine motor skills are developed, but also an improvement in the balance and physical condition of the little one is obtained. The use of this toy determines the activation of all muscle groups, both the largest, but also those involved in the development of fine motor skills.

Baby swing from Plus Nanan Tato White Christmas gifts children and babies baby gifts

Maneuvering the handles, moving but also the game itself will develop hand-eye-foot coordination, the swings can be used successfully both inside the house and outside, if the weather permits. As autumn has already come into its own, we can only enjoy the most fun moments in the company of Nanan the bear, in the comfort of our own home, either inventing games together with the little one, or inviting other friends to enjoy the charm of the toys and the fairytale atmosphere in the Baby's Room!

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