What gifts can you give at the "Baby Shower Party"?

Each "BabyShower Party" is a unique event. Giving gifts during this party is a wonderful gesture, which makes the expectant mother know that you are delighted and happy for her. However, it can be difficult to know the perfect gift to give.

Many people are looking for the perfect gift to give a pregnant woman or new mother. But with all the options and price ranges, it can be hard to figure out which is the best option.

The "BabyShower Part" tradition, originating in the United States, has become very popular among pregnant women, considering that it is a party that pays tribute to the future child and that, on many occasions, it is even a surprise for the parents, especially the mother .

The "Baby Shower" party is usually organized by someone close to the family, during the last period of pregnancy, between the seventh and eighth month, when the future parents must have everything ready to welcome the new member of the family. But what gifts can we bring?

Children's clothes

Sometimes we focus on big gifts, such as the stroller, the crib or the baby bath, but we ignore other elements that will be necessary in the first months of the child's life. Therefore, it is a good option to offer a set of clothes, which contains bodysuits in particular, because these are the most often used by the baby.

You can add pants, stockings, overalls. Don't forget that the clothes you choose contain staples or buttons, to be ideal for the baby.

Chest of drawers with support for changing diapers

Another very useful gift that you can give at the "BabyShower" party is a chest of drawers for changing diapers. Sometimes we think of giving things directly to the child, such as toys or clothes, but we can take the opportunity to make life easier for the future parents. With this type of gift, hygiene products can always be at hand and also all the essential utensils for changing the baby's diaper can be packed in a compact way, since most chests of drawers have drawers.

Activity center

It represents an ideal gift, since the baby can play and enjoy the objects it has in an activity center (in general, a center has a musical carousel, which will attract the baby's attention), always under the supervision of an adult. With such a gift, the child will be motivated by observing figures, colors, activities and will be able to use it in the first years of life.

The night light

This is a great way to help your baby sleep better. Such a gift can only be welcomed, as it not only helps to create an optimal environment for the child, but also induces a state of calm.


On the other hand, rocking chairs are also a good option to consider for the "Baby Shower" party, because they offer babies the comfort of being rocked and sometimes they can even be used to calm them down when they feel agitated.

Nanan accessories

Nanan accessories are extremely well-known, especially internationally, but also here. Nanan is based on a concept recommended by pediatricians - one type of toy everywhere in the child's room. Here we refer not only to plushies, but also to furniture items, all having a common denominatorꓽ teddy bears.

Besides them, in the Nanan concept, there are also hippopotami, which are known under the name "Bombo". Nanan bears also have names, which makes them really special. Offer a Nanan accessory to future parents, they will definitely be extremely delighted!


If you are one of those people who don't like to give material things, you can opt for small surprises, which will be ideal not only for the baby, but also for the parents. This gift is an ideal option for future parents, to perform a certain activity that allows them to connect and enjoy the newborn more and which, in addition, will generate unforgettable memories.

Choose from several activities: massage, yoga, swimming, going out in nature. The latter is also beneficial for the child, while the parents will enjoy the rest.

Gift for mom

We must not forget about the mother, so it is good to give her a present as well. It can be a photo frame, in which to put photos from the first days of the baby, a bouquet of flowers and why not, a cake. Think about what he would need, to relax a little more. She will definitely appreciate the fact that you thought of her.

In conclusion, "BabyShower" parties are an opportunity not only to celebrate the birth of the baby, but also to give gifts. As inspiration, you saw some ideas in today's article. Whatever you choose, don't forget to give the future mother at least a little attention!