If you are one of the estates looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place. We have many suggestions for Christmas gifts that you can put under the tree this year. Choose them from our offer, make sure you have them in time and then you will be calmer for Christmas.

dolls as a gift

Beautiful Christmas gifts

1. Dolls

dolls Christmas gifts

What do children want most for Christmas? Toys! And of all toys, dolls are the most beloved. Not for nothing, dolls are part of the most given gift by Santa Claus. We don't know if Santa Claus has a doll factory, but we guarantee that the little one will be delighted to receive a doll from our collection. We have vanilla babies, reborn and scented dolls, extremely sweet. Give your little girl a doll for Christmas because she could become her best friend.

Children love to play with the dolls, comb their hair, ride them in the cart, feed them, talk to them and take care of them. In fact, it seems that this passion for playing with a doll is in the instinct of little girls.

So, for your child, choose to put a wonderful doll from our collection under the tree this year. Then, if you go to visit a child for Christmas, maybe yours, a niece or your friends' little girl, don't forget to take such a gift with you to give.

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2. Thermal toys

thermal toys, Christmas gifts

Another inspired gift for Christmas comes from the area of ​​thermal toys, which are ideal for all children, including babies. These thermal toys have different appearances (flamingo, otter, kangaroo, frog, reindeer, pig, sheep, bear, etc.) and colors. They are also called anti-colic toys because they emit heat and thus help the baby to relax, reducing tummy pains. But not only babies will love them. Regardless of age, these funny, very soft, pleasant to the touch and heatable plushies are wonderful for children of all ages.

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3. Keep memories & Photo Frames

gifts for christmas

Memories are the most precious gifts we have, and from this point of view, you can propose to give photo albums or very beautiful photo frames as Christmas gifts. Discover in our offer the baby's diary created with so much care, a photo album for babies so delicate or a photo frame that can be displayed in plain sight to be admired for a long time.

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4. Baby bracelets

You don't know what gift you could give to a baby? Maybe he already has a lot of clothes and a lot of toys, so you can go for a red bracelet with a small pendant. We offer you our special bracelets for babies, with soles and 14K gold, with a boy or girl pendant, with the Virgin Mary pendant in silver, with a silver coin, with the inscription from dad (Daddy loves you) or from mom (Mami te loves), in the shape of a heart with a small cross and many others.

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Here are the wonderful gifts that Santa Claus can bring for children this year. He lovingly prepares the gifts to put under the tree, and on Eve or Christmas, he watches with a smile the joy on the faces of the children who discover what they received if they were good.

baby toys

And if it is the first year for your baby or it seems to you that he is too young to understand something about the Christmas holiday, know that even now the foundations of the most beautiful Christmas memories are being laid, in the family. Make them pleasant, precious memories to remember!