See the best Discounts on Christmas gifts for babies

Who says that babies won't enjoy the magic that accompanies every Christmas gift this year?

Even from the mother's womb, the baby has an extremely strong connection with her, fully feeling her frustrations, but also her moments of joy. Happiness emanates joy hormones which, once secreted by the mother's body, reach the baby's body as well.

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Some researchers also state that babies have the ability to hear a series of sounds with a low frequency, which is why many parents do not hesitate to talk, sing to them, offer them a musical break by using headphones placed on their tummies, communicating with the little ones since the time when the belly makes its appearance. In this way, the idea of ​​family takes shape more and more. And when the little ones arrive in the world, they will be ecstatic by their mother's smile, by the unique shapes they encounter during their knowledge and development, which is why they will respond accordingly.

And, even if they seem much too small, too fragile, to enjoy the attention they receive from their parents and relatives, without a doubt the first Christmas gift will be memorable even for them.

For dads, parents, grandparents, for all the people who have shifted their attention to the online environment and want to contribute with an attention to and about the little one, we have prepared a series of wonderful ideas, perfect for you to consider .

Gift ideas for children for Christmas or birthdays

Whether you want to welcome the little one with a series of gifts , especially if his birth is expected close to the winter holidays, or whether he has already come into the world recently and you intend to enjoy more beautifully than ever the greatest joy of life this year, the AnneBebe and Camera Bebelusului team has prepared a series of perfect baby gifts.

Christening gifts

From our special section with discounts you can choose one of the wonderful gifts dedicated especially for the first and most important event in the baby's life. Thus, you can opt for the gift boxes, for the first guest book (which will remain everywhere in the memory of the little one, being grateful everywhere for all those who maintained the atmosphere and who enjoyed his official coming into the world), for his own his set of tableware or his own hair care kit.

These gifts will be more than useful both for the parents, but especially for the babies, and you can opt for them even for the one-year anniversary, the cutting of the motto, etc.

Silverware and frames

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The most special gifts for both girls and boys are the silver items, they keep flawlessly for years and years, in the future a much more precious memory on a spiritual level. And in the position of close people and with possibilities, the baby deserves all the best!

You can opt for silver coins that can be used at baptism as a gift, at the next day's baptism or the cutting of the motto, for silver frames in which the tender face of the little one can be immortalized in the first moments of life, for used amethyst boxes and boxes for keeping hair, teeth, jewelry, etc.

We also provide you with classic frames, frames with prints on which you can immortalize your hand or footprints, photo frames with toys ideal for decorating the baby's room, etc.

We offer silver gifts at affordable prices, ideal for any member of the family and beyond.

Photo albums

When all these beautiful years of childhood will fade away, the memories will be the only ones that will be preserved in all these gifts that we choose today to purchase and give.

We all know the excitement and nostalgia that surrounds us when we look at photos and when we see how quickly time has passed. And the children are equally excited when they hear step by step, each narrative thread of all the stories in which they are the main character.

Baby box Baby Swower baby's room

The time is still favorable to schedule photo sessions and capture in the frame all these fantastic moments that fill us with ecstasy and joy, now and forever.

That's why photo albums are a special gift that you can all turn to, especially since at Camera Bebelusului you won't find any type of album, but personalized albums with and about the day of baptism, about the first steps, etc.

So here it is! AnneBebe and the baby's room offer you various gift ideas for girls and boys, for special days, birthdays, Christmas and for all those situations in which all the little ones find themselves, with their cuteness and everything.

We welcome you with special offers and discounts that will help you to be frugal with your budget, without leaving out all your loved ones.