Baptism is the most important moment in the life of the baby, which marks the christening of the little one, a real festive event, full of emotions, both for the parents and for the close family members. There are numerous customs and traditions specific to this moment in the baby's life, which have evolved over time, and currently some of them are preserved, specific to the region where the little one was born. Baptism is an important event for parents and family members, but especially for those who are chosen to become the spiritual parents of the newborn.

It is not surprising that a series of beliefs and customs regarding baptism have been preserved to this day. The objects used at baptism have a rich symbolism, and confirm the preservation of popular traditions and their transmission from generation to generation.

Silver coins - when and how are they used?

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The silver coins offered by Camera Bebelusului can be used nowadays in three distinct situations. First of all, the silver penny is used for myrrh or the second day after baptism. Secondly, the silver coin can be used for the teddy bears' dinner, an ancient custom of the Romanian people by which they try to improve the teddy bears, so that they ensure the best possible fate for the little one. The silver or gold coin can also be used as a witness that can be worn by the participants in the baptism.

The myrrh stick and the silver penny


The silver coins can be inserted either in the baptistery at the church, or in the bathtub, at the myrrh. Baita de mir represents the baita that is made after baptism. This represents a special moment in the baby's life, therefore there are some aspects that must be respected regarding the organization and development of this event. The bath of myrrh is made the day after baptism and, according to the traditions and customs of the Romanian people, it is made with fresh water, taken out at sunrise. The popular tradition also provides for disenchanting the child before being bathed with the help of a sprig of basil.

First of all, a silver coin and basil are added to the bath water to purify it. Therefore, the first bath of the little one is an extremely important moment, which will mark the subsequent evolution of the child. Rose petals, linden flowers, scented oils, a drop of honey or sugar, but also rice for wealth and wheat for honor are also put in the water in the myrrh stick. In addition, in the bath water there is the custom of adding a flake, so that the child is as light as a flake, but also a holy wedding ring, oil from the church, hot peppers, sweet milk, dill, mint and rosemary to grow easy and healthy. Poppy seeds are also added to help the little one sleep well, while hemp seeds help them grow quickly. An egg is also added, so that the child is healthy. After the child has been bathed, the water is thrown at the root of a single tree, and the face is put to dry in front of the mirror. After the event, the silver coin is kept as a souvenir.

Silver coins, certificates for baptism invitations

Silver coins were also used as evidence. Baptism participants received copper and silver coins that were pierced and tied with red or blue bows, depending on the gender of the child. In particular, family members carried these testimonies on their chests, throughout the day of the baptism, but they could also be carried by the other participants in the baptism.

The silver coin could also be used for the bears' dinner. Bears are magical beings that determine the destiny of the newborn. Depending on the geographical area, this custom has certain peculiarities. In Transylvania, for example, a pot was prepared with sifted wheat flour, salt, a loaf of bread, a penny and a wool notebook. In Banat, Moldova and Romania, three days after the birth, a meal was prepared with selected food, where bread, a hen and wine were served and three pennies were offered.

Regardless of the way we choose to use silver coins, we must know that they have a symbolic value, but also a particularly important material one. Silver coins are an ideal gift for baptism, anniversary or can represent an important investment. The coin offered by Camera Bebelusului can be the most suitable option for a silver gift, both for a newborn child, regardless of its gender, but it can also be offered on the occasion of various anniversaries, holidays, Christmas or name days. The silver coins can also be used to cut the motto or cake, their value increasing over time due to their unique design and rarity, each coin being additionally accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

The silver spoon, the ideal silver gift

The custom of giving a silver spoon as a gift is equally loaded with symbolism. Even if the source of this custom cannot be precisely specified, it is said that giving this gift of silver at baptism is related to the properties of this noble metal, to marking a certain moment in the life of the little one (when he needs additional protection), even going as far as the objects offered as gifts at the birth of Jesus.

Regardless of the origin of this habit, today's studies tell us about the benefits of using such an object when we talk about feeding the little one. It is known and proven that silver has the ability to destroy a large number of microorganisms, having at the same time the ability to neutralize and eliminate toxins from the body. Thus, in addition to the material value of such a gift, in addition to the special aesthetics, offering a silver spoon as a gift for baptism or Christmas also brings numerous health benefits.

Regardless of whether we choose to offer silver coins or spoons, silver frames or silver-plated teething boxes and hairpins offered by Camera Bebelusului as a christening gift, we must know that each object will become part of a family, a priceless storehouse of the most pleasant memories from the life of the newest member of the family. Choose it carefully and with much, much love!