Even if 2020 is by no means the year we dreamed of and all things are more unusual than ever, there is only one thing that will always be the same - love.

Next, parents, grandparents and godparents experience the greatest emotions when it comes to the birth of a child. And this joy cannot eclipse even the pandemic, despite the fact that the organization of a baptism is no longer the same. However, the pandemic is not a reason why you should postpone your child's christening. Basically, the one who matters is the little one full of life who is guided by those who choose to guide his steps. And the whole event can be a real success even with a small number of guests.

Years and years from now, the pictures will be the only ones that will remind you of this magical moment and that will reveal the little Christian and his journey from the first months of life. So the whole attention should be on his outfit, which not only has to transform him into a real story character, but also keep him warm.

So, if you plan to baptize your child in the next period, we have prepared some outfit ideas for the little ones as inspiration.

Top 10 autumn christening outfits

Top 5 outfits for girls

1. Baptism Dress Annebebe Ivory 901380-w8

Christening dress Annebebe Ivory 901380-w8

If you want your little princess to make a splash in the spotlight, we recommend this dress in a pleasant and warm shade of beige. This dress is a splendid choice, made of pleasant and soft materials, which will be friendly to her during the entire ceremony.

You can accessorize it with a pair of white stockings, some beige sandals and even a beautiful coat made with similar embroidery. The icing on the cake can be a floral headband to keep them warm.

2. AnneBebe girls' baptism dress 901280W3

AnneBebe baby girl christening dress 901280W3

This dress model, inspired by stories with and about princesses, is equally suitable. The AnneBebe model is made of elegant and ample materials, bringing together the femininity of lace and the splendor of generous layers of tulle. This dress is made of a fine and soft cotton and will sit like a glove on your angel's body. In addition, it is provided with equally delicate sleeves that can keep them warm.

3. AnneBebe Baptism Dress 901320-w16

AnneBebe Baptism Dress 901320-w16

Not all princesses want to wear a white dress kissed by fluffy clouds at least once in their life. Some can be described as real fairies that will eclipse in a dress worthy of a candy, like this dress in the shade of powder pink. It is a delicate choice, suitable for the beginning of autumn thanks to the long sleeves. And the print is as sweet and sophisticated as possible through the details and fine stitches that accompany it.

4. AnneBebe Baptism Dress 901295-s26

AnneBebe Baptism Dress 901295-s26

Another nice choice for young ladies is the AnneBebe 901295-s26 model, a dress made from a mixture of precious materials, just like the soul of the little one. The dress starts with a fine cotton, in the company of a satin strip that accentuates the bust, as well as a playful organza skirt. The details are really special, meticulous, so that the little one radiates happiness in her outfit.

5. Christening Dress Annebebe Cappuccino Floral Model

Christening Dress Annebebe Cappuccino Floral Model

A bold choice for the most beautiful female angels is this dress with a floral pattern. Especially suitable for the warm season, but easy to accessorize for the cold season as well (with white or beige stockings, a fluffy coat and a pair of equally fine sandals), this dress will turn your child into a real gem.

Top 5 outfits for boys

1. Lorand AnneBebe Baptism Set Costume + Suit + Candle

Lorand AnneBebe Baptism Set Costume + Suit + Candle

If you are on the last hundred meters with baptism preparations, we recommend a complete set through which your little boy will make waves. This baptism set contains everything the little one needs for the magical day.

You will benefit from a cheerful and comfortable suit in soothing shades of blue, as well as a suit, respectively a matching baptismal candle.

2. Andrei AnneBebe baby costume 801340-w39

Baby costume Andrei AnneBebe 801340-w39

For a modern boy, this set in autumn colors will be a real inspiration. Without a doubt, the little one will make a splash, and the costume consisting of a jacket, pants, shirt, vest, beret and bow tie will perfectly suit his cuteness. You will step into life with the right, as well as with a trendy appearance, which will keep you warm.

3. Baptism Costume Print AnneBebe 801650W3

Baptism costume Print AnneBebe 801650W3

If you intend to prepare a completely and completely special event, you can opt for an equally unique christening costume.

This suit is a fine choice from the premium collection, which rewrites a story from your baptism. The little one will be more than elegant and unique, and the event will be memorable for all family members. The seams of this costume are fine, and the details are rich, meticulously crafted and combined with passion from beautiful people to remarkable miracles.

4. AnneBebe Velvet print baby costume

AnneBebe Velvet print baby costume

And for those who dream that their baby will walk in the footsteps of good and justice, they can opt for a baptism with the theme, choosing a costume in honor. The purple velvet costume is inspired by stories with warriors and imperial houses, so your baby will be the main character in this whole scenario. It is a choice rich in details, warm, with a refinement that cannot be described in words.

5. Baptism Costume Print AnneBebe 801550W1

Baptism costume Print AnneBebe 801550W1

This costume can be an equally sophisticated choice. Whether you imagine the little one as part of an eternal story, or whether you want to arrange him like a prince who will benefit from the greatest attention at the first event entirely dedicated to him, you will certainly not go wrong with this outfit.

This costume will delight both the baby's skin and the eyes of everyone who sees it. There is no need for other artifices to highlight its beauty. The materials are of the best quality, the cut and the seams are impeccable, and the attention to detail is not missing either.

We hope these suggestions are useful to you! Whatever model you choose, we are firmly convinced that the little one will be like a flower bud that can't wait to open its petals to the new world.