Ideas for the most beautiful thematic baptism

Thematic events are more and more popular. And no wonder! But what are these thematic baptisms so loved? Just like in parties of this type or weddings, these themed baptisms are based on establishing a suitable theme for some hobbies or personal preferences of the people who will be the center of attention.

In our case, thematic baptisms refer to the organization of such an event in relation to a certain theme aimed at the little ones, with and about them. These baptisms are a real delight and are certainly a very good idea to put into practice, which can offer you, as an organizer, many benefits.

Why organize a thematic baptism?

Organizing a baptism can be a real challenge, but not when you choose a theme that you respect completely. In association with the established theme, you can choose the decorations, the baby's outfit and the dress code of the guests or the people in the foreground (parents and godparents), the way of preparing the culinary preparations from the party, etc. All chosen in a unified way will give a special note of uniqueness, clean and beautiful. Even if you have very little time at your disposal, you can successfully organize a thematic baptism, because there is nothing simpler than to associate together a series of articles and accessories that fit perfectly together.

And if you also want to quietly organize the baptism of your little one so that everything goes as simply as possible, but the result is fascinating and memorable, we come to your aid with some themed baptism ideas for boys.

Thematic baptism ideas for the boy

Have you always dreamed that your little boy will become a pilot, a sailor, a real prince or do you consider him just your little angel who came to this world to watch over you? Well, all these can be thematic ideas for the baptism of the child.

Christenings for boys put in the foreground an animated theme derived from their nature and passions of all times, its organization being made with accessories in contrast to the chosen theme. Below we present some thematic ideas and organizational ideas in their characteristic style.

1. Angel themed baptism

Angels are considered the spiritual protectors of babies and even ours. From an early age we are reminded that we all have an angel who watches over us and guides our steps on the right path in life and who helps us discern good from evil.

angel themed baptism

And the tender face of babies can easily be associated with that of angels, which is why this is an extremely popular thematic idea and suitable for such an event.

Thus, at the baptism with the theme of angels, the emphasis falls on sympathetic decorations in soothing and emblematic shades with the face of angels. You can use balloons and white decorations, which you can match with a kit and customized invitations.

complete christening suit for the baby's room

The christening kit can be made of delicate materials such as cotton, which you can personalize with the name of the little one and the embroidery of an angel. At the same time, in order to avoid opting for a simple color and to give an extra effect to the decoration, its name as well as the angels can be made in different colors, such as blue, and the chromatic addition on the invitations, balloons, on the cake or on the clothes of the guests to have that extra color present on the rest of the decorations. You will offer a touch of uniqueness by calling, for example, the certificates decorated with angels, which will be a wonderful memory with reference to the baptism of your little one.

2. Thematic baptism of the little prince

Beyond their pure and innocent soul, the boys will be considered true princes for their parents. So why not call for a baptism with this theme?

complete set for boys little prince annebebe

You can organize this baptism starting from the baby's outfit, a prince costume inspired by the past and made of the best quality materials.

complete thematic kit with a bottle of myrrh print

At the same time, you can choose the kit in tandem with it, having the specification that the accessories included in it are intended for the christening of the baby.

And the invitations, respectively the interior or exterior decorations can be chosen in relation to the same chromatic palette of the baptism theme, using combinations of neutral colors and colors intended for boys (blue, green, burgundy, etc.)

candle baptizing the little prince

3. Teddy bear themed baptism

Boys will fall in love with their first teddy bear! But they will be delighted above all to participate in the most important event in their life decorated on this theme.

You can decorate the room with a series of embroidered or printed teddy bears that will be found on the baby's suit or kit.

christening suit for the boy

teddy bear christening kit for boys with a bow

christening kit teddy bear boys bottle towel

Blue and white teddy bear christening suit for boys

special boys' teddy bear christening kit

And this thematic baptism idea can give free rein to creativity! For example, the christening candle can be decorated with miniature bears, like the tableware and the guests. And parents and godparents can also be on trend in relation to the theme of the event, opting for the unique idea of ​​wearing a tie or a series of accessories/clothing with teddy bears.

4. Navy themed baptism

The theme of your baptism can also be played by a series of passions. Surely the child's father will be proud that, in the future, the little one will fall in love with the job he practices and pass it on to the family he belongs to, as a family tradition.

baptize the marine theme box

christening the marine themed oil bottle

christen the marine theme with seashells

Therefore, baptism with a marine theme is equally suitable for boys.

Here the focus falls on accessories with marine symbols or decorations of this type. The elements can be chosen in specific shades of white and blue, from the decorations present on the serving table, to the kit that can be personalized with the name and date of baptism, balloons, invitations or special outfits.

For example, you can decorate the festive table with seashells, marine themed tableware or decorated with bows and anchors etc.

sailor costume for boys' baptism

As a result, it is not at all difficult to organize a themed baptism for your male baby. On the contrary! Such a christening will turn into a top event, and at Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului you can find numerous items and accessories that will delight your soul and turn the organization of a themed christening into a real pleasure.

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