Small guide for Romanian baptism far from Romania

Do you live abroad and are going to be godmother for a baby with roots in Romania? Are you a new mother and do you want the baptism of your little one to be an authentic Romanian one? We have some tips and ideas for you. Read this guide, and if you feel that something has been left unsaid, please contact us. We will be extremely happy to send you from Romania everything you need for your baby's baptism. You can find traditional christening sets, traditional christening suits for boys, cheap traditional christening suits, traditional christening dresses, traditional christening candles, customized traditional christening suits.

At some point, we all go to other lands in search of a better life... some further, others closer. There are many Romanian families settled abroad, there are many children who are born abroad in families where both partners are Romanian or only one of them was born and raised in Romania. Some left the country alone and found their soulmate in another country, others left together. The love of the two gave birth to children who, although they are not in Romania, have Romanian roots. This is one of the reasons why so many diaspora families consider organizing an authentic traditional baptism .


Many times, for Romanian families abroad, the longing for home and their loved ones is very strong. And the desire to spend such a moment as baptism with loved ones and/or according to tradition is growing more and more. Fortunately, now you can organize a traditional Romanian baptism, even if you are far from Romania.

Even abroad, you can perform a baptism with a 100% Romanian specificity, with which you will impress everyone around you. We always contribute to your special moments, so in the following we will present you a small guide on obtaining a traditional baptism even in another country and the steps you must follow to enjoy full success.

How do you organize a traditional baptism in another country?

Scheduling the baptism

The first thing you need to do is contact the priest you want to perform the child's official baptism, just like with us. In many countries in Europe, USA, Australia, there are Romanian churches that officiate services and events according to our basic traditions. So, you can make a first step exactly as it should!

Establish with the priest the date of the baptism, and later make a list of the things necessary for it to take place.

Even abroad, it is sometimes not easy to find a free baptism place or a location to celebrate this occasion, so the baptism should be scheduled ahead of time and why not, along with the pregnancy.

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Preparing the party

After scheduling the baptism, you will have to consult with the godparents about the party afterwards. You can have a small ceremony at home or at a restaurant, depending on your possibilities, preferences and needs. Even if the godparents are of a different nationality and are most likely not up to date with the next day's work, don't worry. Often the godparents are extremely happy to be part of a new ritual that completes the christening of the little one the next day. The ritual will turn into a new life experience, unforgettable for them.

Purchases and gifts of the noses

Don't forget to inform the godparents of those things that they must purchase from the position of future spiritual parents of the child, as our traditions say. The godparents are the ones who will purchase the child's kit and candle , but also a series of gifts offered as a symbol of the love and care they propose to give to the future child ( jewelry, clothes, hygiene accessories, etc. ). For a foreigner it can be really a challenge to find all these things, but you can direct them to where they can buy absolutely everything they need with payment by bank transfer or OP, in lei or euros. An invoice is issued for any purchase so that customers can be guaranteed a safe transaction, and the products are shipped to any address in Europe immediately after payment.

traditional baptism costume

Parents' purchases

In addition to the purchases of the children, there will be many details that you, as parents, will have to take care of. For example, the girls will need elegant dresses, and the boys will need suits, plus a pair of scissors and a box for cutting a motto during the ceremony held at the church, the towel and soap for the priest, etc. You will also need invitations for guests, envelopes for everyone's financial contribution, accessories for the next day's party, maybe even a photographer to immortalize the entire event to remember it for the rest of your life, etc.

One of the most important advantages for which it is worth ordering from Annebebe everything necessary for the baptism of the child, even if you live abroad, is that you will make a single order for everything necessary for the baptism service.

If you do not have an accepted form of payment, you can ask for the help of a good friend or a relative, both for payment and for shipping the products.

You will find clothes and accessories of the best quality, packed with love and attention according to the most rigorous standards, so that the products do not encounter problems during delivery. We can also offer you personalized accessories at the lowest prices.


Traditional suits with popular Romanian motifs

In the Annebebe workshop, we make christening kits and clothes embroidered with Romanian motifs with dedication. Even if you live abroad, the fact that you choose to organize an authentic Romanian baptism is an indication of the respect you have for the mother country. Also, this means that you appreciate traditional Romanian values, that you love and miss them, that you want to pass them on to your child and your son, from now on.

In recent years, many new parents, from Romania and abroad, have chosen this theme for baptism. With us you will find traditional baptism sets, traditional boy baptism costumes, traditional girl baptism clothes, popular baby costumes, traditional baptism dresses.

Authentic options for a traditional Romanian baptism, even for Romanians in the diaspora

Here are some elements that will help you create that purely Romanian atmosphere at a traditional baptism. Now you can order them all from us, so that the baptism theme is unified, as complete and attractive as possible.

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Traditional Romanian christening clothes will suit babies from 0 years, up to 18 months or even 3 years (check our updated offer in the store). Now we can also customize products from the traditional baptism category.

We are waiting for you to get to know each other and to give life together to a baptism with Romanian specificity, even far from Romania!