Take advantage of the Black Friday 2020 discounts


The pandemic has moved the Black Friday sales market online more than ever. Even grandparents are now looking online for everything they need for their grandchildren!

And because we know how important it is for current or future mothers to have everything necessary for the baby, but also because the budget is no longer the same, this year, Camera Bebelusului participates in the Black Friday Discounts campaign and will come to your aid with perfect offers.

Thus, between November 13-30, 2020, you will benefit from additional discounts on the most popular products, even on products that are already on sale. The discounts will be up to 45%, which means that you will be able to purchase dozens of premium quality products, as we have been used to, even at half price. Here's what awaits you!

Discounts of up to 45% on many product categories

For our much-loved customers, both for those who are our loyal customers, but also for those who want to take the first steps with our help and have ergonomic pieces of furniture for the growth and rest of the baby, everyday clothes or baptism sets for special occasions, skin-friendly organic linens, etc.

We invite you to discover all the discounts that will be available in the following.

Medium and extendable cots - Black Friday discounts up to -35%

discounts-black-friday-beds-wooden baby room

Caring for the little one is very important and the way we are concerned about this aspect is reflected on the chosen crib.

You can opt for fixed cots, but also for convertible ones that will benefit from an additional 5% discount on the existing, already reduced prices.

Black Friday co-sleeping beds - up to -35% discount

black-friday-discounts-beds-co-sleeping-babies baby room

For the first moments of a child's life, there is a range of cots specially designed for them, ideal cots to be adapted to the parents' room or the baby's room, having an ergonomic design. These special cots will benefit from an additional 5% discount on Black Friday, which means you will be able to benefit from a final cost up to 35% lower.

Children's furniture sets Black Friday - discounts up to -45%

discounts-black-friday-packages-baby room furniture

On the occasion of Black Friday at the Baby's Room, it is the opportune time to properly arrange the entire baby's room according to the Montessori design style, so that the environment obtained is one conducive to its peace and harmonious development.

The furniture sets of 3 and up to 6 pieces bring you a reduction of the final costs of up to 45%.

Mattresses - discounts up to -65%

black-friday-discounts-mattresses-baby-bed-baby room

Even the mattress must not be lower than the furniture or the cot. And for those furniture versions that do not come with a mattress included or for all those who want to opt for a quality, soft and comfortable mattress, the extra 15% discount offers you a total of up to 65% less.

Children's bed linen - Black Friday discounts of -45%

black-friday-discounts-bed linen-baby room bed

And the underwear will be just as friendly to the skin and the comfort of the little ones, being made of natural materials, with a high cotton content that prevents perspiration, ensuring in this way all the comfort that the child needs. Linens benefit from an additional discount of up to 45%.

For Black Friday discounts on children's underwear, see our offer.

Bed sets - discounts up to -60%

We also have generous bed sets made up of bed guards, covers and duvets, as well as linens that will have a lower price of up to 60% in the Erbesi, Azzura, Nanan or Andy&Helen premium ranges. You can opt for cute models for girls, but also for models for boys.

Babynest - discounts up to -20%

discounts-black-friday-babynest baby room

At the same time, babies can benefit from an ergonomic and soft bed, specially designed to ensure an optimal position and increased comfort through babynests that benefit from an additional 20% discount.

Nanan accessories - discounts up to -35%

discounts-black-friday-accessories-nanan baby room

We also provide you with accessories, namely safe toys for the baby's room, which will not only give you a splash of color, but which are produced by the exceptional Italian brand Nanan, which offers accessories of the best quality, now with up to 35% discount.

AnneBebe - discounts up to -30%

discounts-black-friday-kit-candle-baby room chest

It is a true tradition to provide you with complete articles for baptism, for which we have prepared up to 30% discount for kits, candles and chests. You will be able to benefit from everything necessary for the little one, at a much better price.

Tricycles and cars - 20% discounts

For friends, grandparents, who want to offer a pleasant memory to their loved ones, and not only that, we have also prepared a special selection of tricycles and cars with which they can explore their childhood more closely. This category comes with a discount of up to 20%, being the ideal time when you can make the list of gifts for the holidays even for growing children.

Thermal toys - 30% off


Give the little ones the pleasure of playing with their favorite animals by means of toys that can be heated and that will also give them more comfort on cold days.

Babyono carousels - discounts of -20%

Don't forget to stimulate babies' intelligence and attention with the most beautiful babyono carousels, equipped with cotton toys and musical sounds that will enhance their moments of relaxation. On Black Friday they can be yours with a discount of up to 20%. Click here

Molding frames - discounts of -30%

discounts-black-friday-frames-moulding of the baby's room

Even if the little one is not inclined to memorize in detail all these wonderful moments that take place in his life, the molding frames that will be reduced by up to 30% will allow you to create a decorative painting that will turn into a real memory in the days in which it will grow large.

Small and large children's clothing brands - discounts up to -20%

We also offer you discounts of up to 20% on girls' and boys' clothes aged between 2-12 years, clothes of a superior quality, made of fine materials and with a delicate design, which are offered by our top Mayoral brands , Ido, Sarabanda.

Large children's clothing brands - discounts up to -30%

discounts-black-friday-hainute-mayoral camerabebelusului

There are also exclusive surprises regarding the new autumn-winter 2020 collection for stylish dwarfs. For adults who discover themselves and their personal style, we offer them special Lemon or Pembekelebek clothes, discounted up to 30%.

Gifts - discounts up to -30%

black-friday-discounts-baby-gifts baby room

Christmas is approaching and we have prepared gifts of all kinds, for parents, grandparents or with and about the little ones: photo frames, christening gifts, silver objects, etc. All of these will have a discount of up to 30% so that you all remember the joy of these unique moments.

Suits and dresses - discounts up to -45%

The products in the related categories, which do not already benefit from a discount, will have a 10% lower price on Black Friday, the discounts offered in these categories reaching even 45%. You can dress your children from head to toe in a special and festive style.

With us, you can find Black Friday discounts on children's winter clothes , baptism clothes, both for girls and boys.

Baby sets to be taken out of the hospital - discounts up to -20%


And for our wonderful mothers who have just given birth or will give birth to a wonderful baby that will change their lives completely, we have prepared special sets with all the things the little one needs when returning home, which will be reduced by up to 20%.

In conclusion, on Black Friday we are waiting for you with surprises for both children and adults, offering you discounts and special products to cover all the needs and wishes of parents, relatives and children, as we do everywhere at Baby's room.