Baby chest of drawers, optional or mandatory piece of furniture for the baby's room?

The moment of choosing the furniture for the baby's room represents an important moment in the life of a young family, especially if we are talking about the first child. Before purchasing the furniture for the baby's room, many parents choose to thoroughly inform themselves about the mandatory but also the optional pieces of furniture for the child's room, especially if we take into account the fact that many such rooms are small in size.

Regarding the chest of drawers for babies , opinions are divided, at least at first glance. But when we get to study the problem in detail, we will easily realize the importance that this piece of furniture has for the health but also for the physical and mental comfort of the parents.

Why is it important to buy a chest of drawers for babies?

 The chest of drawers for babies has the advantage that it has the right height to protect the state of health but also to offer a maximum degree of comfort, both for parents and children. Dressers for babies are provided with changing tables , with special bathtubs for washing the baby in maximum safety conditions and in addition with drawers for storing and organizing frequently used clothes, toys or accessories. The materials used to make these chests of drawers are extremely safe, resistant and durable, being finished with natural water-based varnishes, non-toxic, without solvents or toxic dyes.

The advantages offered by chests of drawers for babies

The chests of drawers for babies are manufactured in Italy, from materials of a superior quality, benefiting in addition from an extremely attractive design. The dressers are provided with spacious drawers that allow storing the baby's clothes, but also the toys or accessories we need. Made of Pal and MDF, the dressers for babies are provided with removable elements, represented by a changing table and an ergonomic tub for the age group between zero and six months, as well as spaces for soap. Considering the fact that the use of the caddy is recommended for the age group of zero - six months, the manufacturers have made this component part to be easily detached, so that the chest of drawers will turn into a classic piece of furniture , which will be able be used even after the age of 6 months.

Baby safety, essential for Italian manufacturers

The Italian manufacturers paid special attention to safety, considering that this piece of furniture is intended for an extremely young age group. Therefore, the chipboard boards used to make the chests of drawers have a low formaldehyde emission, but they are additionally covered with PVC material.

For added strength but also safety, the chests of drawers are provided with handles made of solid beech wood but also with wheels made of plastic and soft rubber, to ensure easy movement and to offer the possibility of locking two of the four wheels available. The materials used to finish the chest of drawers for babies are natural water-based varnishes, free of toxicity, solvents or toxic dyes, able to offer increased resistance, safety and durability over time.

 The design of chests of drawers for babies and children

Because they are pieces of furniture for babies and children that combine so many functionalities, the Italian manufacturers thought of offering a special design, full of elegance and refinement. The accessories used to decorate the dressers can be made of hand-painted ceramics in the shape of animals or hearts, in diaphanous colors and shades of cream and white. The color palette used also includes shades of beige, cream, dark brown and matte walnut, able to satisfy the most demanding tastes but at the same time suitable for different styles of furnishing the baby's room.


Additional accessories for baby dressers

 The chest of drawers for babies can be accessorized with a mattress with reinforcement for changing the baby, but also with a cover for the changing table. The mattress with reinforcement for changing the baby also offers the advantage of being able to be fixed extremely well between the sides of the child's cot. The cover for the changing table can be used for any type of standard changing mat. Compared to normal covers, the cover for the changing table is made of extremely pleasant to the touch materials, of a superior quality, offering maximum comfort and safety for the baby. This cover also offers the possibility to add a touch of personality to this piece of furniture for babies through the chosen print but also through the color palette used.

The design of these pieces of furniture for babies is extremely varied, ranging from an extremely simple design, made in a classic style, a white piece of furniture, to the playful design, offered by the decorations made of ceramics, hand-painted with non-toxic water-based paint or the elegant, imposing one, like that of the baby dressers made with padded leather and Swarovski crystals .

The decorations in the form of teddy bears , clouds, voids or stars each represent the universe of childhood, with fairy-tale characters that will accompany the little one in the world of dreams, but will also contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of comfort and safety, a favorable atmosphere the growth and development of babies and children.