The appearance of a child is an occasion of unspeakable joy for any parent. Even before the birth of the baby, the parents strive to create a fascinating universe in which to develop. Since it is well known that newborns learn and are influenced by the environment in which they live, parents are tempted by the idea of ​​buying them toys as diverse as possible.

In the first stage of development, the little ones cannot grasp things with their hands, so their development is strictly based on the visual and auditory senses. Therefore, during this period we recommend sound toys or very colorful ones that will stimulate their curiosity and the desire to explore.

One option is the toys with maternal sounds, ideal for the first days of the baby's life. So that the environmental change is not too sudden, they will give him a sense of security, creating a familiar environment, similar to the one in the mother's womb. These are recommended until the age of three months, when the little one develops important functions of the nervous system, thus having a different perception of objects. At Camera Bebelusului, the toys with maternal sounds are made of very soft cotton, especially for babies, which will surely delight the little ones.

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