The Baby Room is the place where parents and future parents can find all the accessories they need for their little ones. In addition, we offer fluffy and hopeful friends to the little ones, in the form of Puccio or thermal bears, Doodoo toys with the sounds they used to hear in mommy's tummy.

Baby Room Unirea Shopping Center AnneBebe
In our stores you will always find the perfect gift for future parents or for children's first birthday parties. In addition to the assistance offered in the form of ideas for decorating the baby's room, we can also advise you in choosing a gift for the child's christening or birthday. Thus, visiting us in one of our stores (Baby's Room - furniture, toys and accessories for children and babies, and Anne Bebe - for clothes and accessories for baptism and special events), you can benefit from the following personalized services:

1. Loyalty Card
It will ensure permanent discounts of 10% on all products in our stores. Enrolling in the Anne Bebe loyalty program involves receiving information about the offers and contests organized exclusively in our stores.

2. Anne Bebe leaflet
By filling in this leaflet with your full name, phone number and email address, you can choose one of the following benefits:
- 5% discount on your next visit to one of our stores; the discount is doubled if you come with a friend;
- personalization of the christening kit through embroidery, in the Anne Bebe stores (more details in the continuation of the article);
- reserving a product for up to 10 days;

3. Gift Voucher (values ​​between 20 and 200 lei)
- gift vouchers are offered following organized campaigns or contests, as well as other events, organized specifically for our customers.

4. Gifts for baptism and birthdays
- to complete the christening gift or for the ideal gift for the child's birthday, we offer you a series of educational toys with practical and unique abilities: silver-plated boxes (for the first strand, the first tooth, holders for the Baptism Certificate, holders for the Birth Certificate , etc), baby carrier, blanket, thermal toys, toys with maternal sounds, vanilla dolls;

5. Customizing the Suit through Embroidery:
- a special benefit of Anne Bebe customers, as I mentioned above, is the personalized embroidery of the kit. To give a more personal touch, the little one's name, initials, baptism date, etc. can be added to the complete kit, purchased from Anne Bebe stores.

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