Quality clothes for babies from Bebetto

Bebetto is a company producing clothes and articles for babies and children. Headquartered in Bursa, Turkey, it is one of the most important companies in the children's textile sector in Turkey.

The brand has evolved a lot in recent years, so it has expanded to many countries in Europe and the East (Greece, Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Russia, Iran, Dubai, Moldova, Romania and others), because many parents have been conquered by the style and the quality of children's items labeled Bebetto.

About the Bebetto company

Initially, Bebetto started its activity in the production of beds for children, in 1996. The production continued and the company invested more in innovations and technology. Currently, Bebetto operates in a 5000 m2 production workshop and has over 200 employees.

All the supply materials used in the production of clothes for babies and children are carefully selected. Bebetto produces over 800 different types of products, articles and models every year.

The company also emphasizes the importance it attaches to children's health, investing in ecological technologies and materials. In Turkey, there are several own stores, in several cities, including Istanbul. In total, there are 3 branches and a central office that functions as a factory in Bursa.

The 200 employees are organized into departments with clear objectives. Thus, in the factory of clothes and articles for children and babies there is the Research and Development area, the Production Department, the Warehouse, the Showroom, Purchases, IT, Product Development, Marketing, Export, Human Resources, Logistics, Finance, Design, E-commerce.

How are Bebetto products?

The clothes for babies and children made under the Bebetto brand stand out for their very good quality, diversity and beauty.

Bebetto produces a wide range of clothes for babies and children from 0 to 3 years, high quality children's products now would be:

- beds

- sets for newborns

- towels

- Bathrobes

- bed sets

- bags for mom (maternity)

- baby overalls and bodysuits

- jackets

- dresses

- caps

- body shirts

- socks

- footwear: shoes, ankle boots

Bebetto is one of the top brands in the manufacture of children's clothing in Turkey. They make their products from 100% cotton and anti-allergic materials. This says a lot about the brand's culture and care for little ones and their parents.

All this made Bebetto receive several diplomas and certificates of recognition of quality.

We are also happy to include clothes for babies and other items dedicated to little ones in our offer. We carefully select each supplier and producer, and Bebetto amazed us with the high quality of the products and the attention paid to the details.

What Bebetto brand clothes can you find in CameraBebelusului?

You can order from us a lot of beautiful clothes for babies aged between 0 and 3 years. The clothes are in stock and can be delivered immediately. Therefore, the delivery time is very short and you will quickly get the items you want.

Find with us:

- shirt and shorts sets for boys

- short overalls for boys and girls, with beautiful designs, happy, natural colors

- bodysuits with short and long sleeves

- colorful and beautiful t-shirts for boys and girls

- blouses for girls

- dresses and suits for girls (matching blouse and skirt)

- maternity sets with towel, bodysuit, baby carrier, gloves

- hats for babies

- gloves for newborns

- blankets, beds and towels

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