A wedding is a magical event, and children present at such events are like a breath of fresh air. From little bridesmaids to ring bearers, the roles that children can play at a wedding are many and exciting.

We all know that little ones love to play roles. And when they participate in a wedding, they like the roles that are assigned to them. To bring the wedding rings on a special pillow, to wear the bride's train or anything else they can do depending on their age.

the girl at the wedding

In this article, we will explore these roles and give you valuable tips on how to prepare your children for these special moments.

Let the little ones get into their favorite role

One of the most popular roles for children at a wedding is that of bridesmaid or ring bearer. These little characters bring a touch of innocence to the ceremony.

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Here are some ideas on how children can be involved in these roles:

If your little girl will play the role of one of the bridesmaids, give her a special dress that matches the theme of the wedding, but also your wedding dress.

A small bouquet of white flowers or a crown of natural flowers will complete her outfit. If she is very young, you can attach angel wings to one side and the other of the dress. Just imagine how it will look.

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If his role is to wear the wedding rings, use a decorated box or a white velvet pillow, preferably. If it's a boy, choose a suit or an elegant and comfortable outfit for him. Help him feel like a real knight. And to introduce him into the story, explain to him first the importance and responsibility of his role. Tell him that he will do this in front of the guests. Help him not to feel shy and step confidently into his role.

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  Other roles children can play at a wedding, along with tips for you

baby at the wedding

Here are other roles that the little ones can have, whether they are girls or boys. In fact, you can delegate them different, even atypical roles. There is no need to limit yourself to the existing ones. In this way, you will also pleasantly surprise the guests.

The girl with the flowers: carries the bouquet of flowers to the altar

Give your little one a basket with flower petals or a bag of confetti, to throw in front of the bride or the married couple. Make sure he understands to keep his rhythmic steps and smile while walking down the aisle.

     It carries a special message

If the wedding has a special theme or message, a child can carry a sign with that message during the ceremony or reception. Opt for a simple and easy-to-read design and teach the little one to hold the sign so that it is visible to all the guests.

    Send him to hand out envelopes for money

If the wedding includes a moment of handing out envelopes of money or gifts for the bride and groom, a child can have the role of bringing and distributing them at each table. He can do it before the arrival of the guests or during the serving, if it doesn't seem strange to you.

 The little dancer in the foreground

During the opening dance or the dance of the bride and groom, a couple of children can be invited to dance in the foreground, attracting attention and bringing smiles to everyone. Their outfit must necessarily be elegant. They will be the center of attention, so explain this to them so that they feel comfortable during their performance.

baby in an elegant suit at the wedding

Role of organizer of games and activities for children

If you chose to have a specially designed space for children or a play area, an older child can be assigned to help the other children have fun and get involved in games and activities.

Encourage him to use his imagination to create moments of fun for the other children. Of course, he should be older, somewhere around at least 11 years old.

wedding with baby

The child making a special presentation or speech

Imagine your own child uttering a message of love dedicated to you or performing a song, vocally or on a favorite musical instrument. Divine. Spectacular. Amazing, don't you think? So, he can be invited to play such a wonderful role. Help him to control his emotions.

How do you prepare the little one to play these fascinating roles for him?

Preparing children to play these important roles at a wedding can be a challenge, but also an unforgettable experience.

Here are some tips that we recommend you keep in mind so that everything goes as you want. And if not everything will be as in the book, no problem. Are children.

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Talk to him about the role he will have, explain your expectations and answer the questions he has. This is how you calm him down and prepare him to come out in droves.

Repeat the role daily or every other day. Practice is the key to success and will give you confidence during the ceremony.

Help him manage his emotions and face any fears he might have before or during the event. Tell him everything will be fine as it is.

Encourage him to have fun, to enjoy the experience. Remind him that the wedding is a special occasion and that his role is to feel good, above all else, and to celebrate with others.

Encourage him to socialize and have fun with the other children present at the event so that they don't feel marginalized.

Make sure the little one is rested before the event.

baby at the wedding dear

Prepare him for a certain role and let your child turn the wedding into a story, he himself contributing to it.

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In short…

Children can give incredible energy to the whole event, and their involvement in different roles can really turn the event into a dream story.

Through preparation, through repeated encouragement, be sure that he will do wonderfully in his chosen role. And if there will be small or large left-handed people, no problem. They are children and it is natural to be like that. Take into account the fact that you are actually training him for life. Every role that children play prepares them for adult life. Thus they learn about responsibility, learn to socialize with others, develop their imagination.

Get ready to see your little one or little ones shine in the spotlight at your wedding!