Dr. Alexandra Radu visited us and wanted to share with all parents and future parents her experience at the Baby Room Showroom!

"Hello, my dear pregnant women!

Today I have the special pleasure to tell you about maternity luggage. Since there is a lot of confusion about what exactly a mom-to-be's hospital bag should contain, I decided to write this article that I hope will clarify and make your job easier. I invite you to stay with me until the end of the article, because in addition to correct medical information, you will also receive a pleasant surprise organized with the help of friends from Baby's room. So, let's get down to business! 

My dears, when we women leave home, we tend to take as many things with us as possible, even though our stay in a certain place may be short. It is good to know that in the case of a natural birth, if everything goes well and there are no medical complications (for the mother/child), we usually spend 3 days in the hospital, while in the case of a cesarean birth, up to 5 days. Therefore, at least in the case of maternity luggage, we must show very good organization and precision. How exactly do we achieve this? Well, informing us! 

For each of us, putting together the maternity luggage is a particularly emotional moment. After all, it heralds the arrival of our baby. Of course, there is no opportune time to initiate this action. However, I do not recommend that you tackle your maternity luggage during the first two trimesters of pregnancy. Rather, I recommend that you allocate this period to information.

Giving birth in a private hospital can save you from an extremely large maternity bag. However, recently, even the state maternity hospitals do not ask pregnant women to carry a lot of things.

My dears, below you will find the list of necessary things for both mother and baby.

Mom's must-have list

Medical file and documents . My dear, it is good to have the entire medical record with you. Of course, your doctor will know everything about your pregnancy, but most of the time the admission is done by the doctor on call (resident, specialist). Therefore, he will ask you a series of questions to complete the observation sheet. It can happen that because of emotions you forget certain extremely important aspects about your pregnancy, for example what tests you performed during your pregnancy, the results of the tests, treatments, etc. In this case, the medical record will be of great help to you. Don't forget to have your health card and employee's certificate with you if you are going to give birth in a state maternity hospital, respectively the signed subscription/collaboration contract if you are going to give birth in a private maternity hospital. Also, to declare the child you will need: birth certificate (yours and your husband's) copy + original, bulletin (yours and your husband's) copy + original and marriage certificate (if applicable).

Underwear . My dear, I recommend that you carry several pairs of loose and high-waisted panties. You will find it more comfortable to use these in the first few days after birth. You can also find special disposable underwear for the postnatal period at the pharmacy. Also, don't forget to have a few pairs of socks with you, and if you can, it's good to buy a pair of compression stockings, especially if you're going to give birth by caesarean section.

Personal care items . Pregnant woman, it is good to have a shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, your favorite cosmetics, wet and dry wipes, postnatal absorbents, possibly cotton wool, nipple cream, 2 towels and some hair accessories such as be a hairbrush, elastics and clips.

Breast pump . Optional.

Items of clothing. My dear, I do not recommend any additional clothing for you beyond what you already wear. Most maternity hospitals (including state ones) will provide you with everything you need, from nightgowns to slippers. However, in order not to have an unpleasant surprise, it is good to ask about this aspect at the maternity hospital where you are going to give birth.

The water. The small 0.5 L bottles are more comfortable than the 2 L ones .

For your comfort . A book, magazine, headphones, phone charger, phone, etc.

Hand sanitizer. Surgical masks . You will most likely receive these items in the hospital as well.

List of baby essentials

Clothing items and that's it. Most maternity hospitals will provide you with everything you need to care for your baby. However, inform yourself precisely about this aspect at the maternity hospital where you are going to give birth. However, you will need the clothes that you will take the baby out of the hospital with (cotton, washed and ironed beforehand), such as: bodysuit, blouse, shorts, hat, socks/boots, gloves and a blanket.

Well my dear, that's pretty much the list of essentials for both you and your baby. What should the maternity bag not contain? Valuables such as jewellery, watches or various medicines.

So far I have only mentioned the things that make up maternity luggage. From my point of view, including the maternity bag is extremely important because it must be roomy enough to contain all the things mentioned above. If this also has a nice design, all the better I'd say. 

My dears, next I want to tell you about the experience I had in the showroom Baby's room . As its name suggests, Camera Bebelușului is a store with special, high-quality products for babies, which you can find in the above-ground parking of Magazin Unirea, on the 1st floor. You can also find products for yourself in the store, such as maternity bags. By the way, my maternity bag is part of the collection Baby's room . I am extremely pleased with it and I highly recommend it because in addition to the pleasant design, it is roomy, has a pacifier holder and what's more, it can still be used to carry everything you need for baby care. I will also attach a photo of it below to convince you yourself.

For additional product details, you can visit this link . 

The Baby Room showroom can be visited at any time by appointment.

Personally, I was greeted in the showroom by two extremely nice ladies who had the pleasure of showing me the products found in the store.

Of course I was extremely excited about the products, so in addition to the maternity bag, I also left with an organic cotton newborn set that I fell in love with at first sight. This clothing set contains all the useful baby clothes, from bodysuits to booties and gloves. Below you can also find a photo of it. We mentioned a little earlier in the text that we need new cotton clothes, washed and ironed beforehand, to take our baby out of the maternity ward. Said and done!

For additional details about this product, you can visit this link .

As the Easter holidays are approaching, I decided together with my friends from Baby's room let's make a surprise for the loyal readers of the www.sarcinamea.ro blog"