One of the most frequent comments we receive from mothers is this: "You don't know until you try". In other words, you realize how useful and practical a babynest is when you and your child fully enjoy all its advantages.

The truth is that there are many ways in which a babynest can help you and practice shows that every mother finds her favorite activities when her hands are a little freer. Here are 10 very good ideas on how a babynest can help you in the first months of the child's life.

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1. On a trip

When you travel, you will most likely end up in many locations where the baby needs rest - from the airport, to the plane, the swimming pool, different hotel rooms, etc. Each new place you arrive will have certain smells and textures, which will most likely interfere with the baby's sleep.

That's why the babynest is great because it allows the child to enjoy the same familiar place, wherever they are. The soft nest, lightly tightened around his body, gives him a feeling of safety and familiarity. In addition, it is easy to move it from one place to another, thanks to the side handles. With a babynest nearby, it's easy to face all kinds of new adventures with your baby.

2. Time for you

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Ever since you welcomed the baby into your life, you've kind of stepped aside. But as critical as it is to take care of your baby, it is just as important not to neglect yourself. Between you and the baby is a unique and extremely strong relationship, so that he feels you more than you would think. Therefore, when the baby is resting in its babynest, take a few minutes for yourself. You know how they say: "when mommy is happy, baby is happy". Don't think about the dirty dishes in the sink and all the diapers you have to wash. For a few moments they no longer exist. Treat yourself to a magazine and a tea or a hot drink.

3. Do sports

Exercise stimulates endorphins, and as long as the baby is safe in its babynest, you can exercise. Even if at first it's hard for you to exercise, you know that after a few physical exercises you will feel much better. It is not for nothing that these hormones are called "happiness hormones". If you don't necessarily like to do yoga, you can try some classic push-ups above the babynest, offering a kiss to the baby's belly each time, as you rise and fall. It will be a lot of fun for both you and him.

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4. Gymnastics for the baby

Movement is beneficial for your baby. Place the babynest so that the baby has some toys on top of it that it can reach and that it can pull, push, etc. Look at him and watch him develop his small muscles as he touches the objects hanging above him.

5. Eat quietly

Your mealtime should not be on the run when the baby is sleeping or with effort, with the baby in your lap and one hand on the soup. Make sure you are eating properly so that you have enough energy to take care of your precious baby. Being a mother means a full-time job, usually with day and night shifts. Therefore, fill your energy tank with healthy meals and snacks, without rushing. Place the baby next to you, in the babynest (directly on the table) and feed yourself properly.

6. Housework

If we could, we would promulgate a law by which housework would be prohibited in the lives of new mothers, but unfortunately we do not have this power. Instead, we can offer mothers a babynest that will make their lives easier when they have to tidy up the house. When the baby sits in its babynest, household chores become a relaxing, more pleasant activity. It is no longer a chore, sprinkled with a lot of excitement. Sort the clothes, put them in the closet, wash the dirty things, clean the desk - while the baby is in the babynest or next to you, whether it's playing or sleeping.

7. Login Time

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Place the babynest on the carpet in the living room and the whole family can connect with the new family member. You can read him a book, talk to him or sing to him. If you have older children, we recommend that you supervise them, because they easily become too excited in such moments.

8. Work from home, with baby by your side

We know... most likely, by now, you've learned to do many things with one hand - putting toothpaste on your toothbrush, preparing the meal, dressing your older brother. But we also know that two hands are usually more effective than one. So, place the baby in the nest or while you work or do various important things. You can start your own business, work a few days or hours a week, keep a blog, join a mothers' club, etc. No matter what your working time is, you can be more efficient, when the baby sits properly next to you, in its babynest.

9. Baby on the tummy

Another activity you can do with a babynest is to place the baby belly down in its nest. Attention: you will have to supervise him throughout this period. The time the baby spends on the tummy is very important for its development, of the strong muscles in the neck and shoulders. If the baby needs help at first, raise the surface very slightly, encourage and help him.

10. At the beach with baby

Who doesn't love a day at the beach? Even your baby will enjoy this experience. However, the fresh air and the wave of news will make the baby tire quickly and fall asleep. Fortunately, if you have a babynest with you, you don't have to go home. Simply let him rest in his nest, while you continue your day at the beach.

We are very happy when we can bring new solutions and ideas into the lives of new mothers. Take our word for it - if the babynest wasn't such a good product that we could use it for our own children, we wouldn't recommend it to you. But, it is magnificent; extremely practical and versatile.

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