Baby Shower Party - Ideas, Gifts, Concept

When a baby is about to be born, its parents are not the only ones who enjoy it. The future grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and other dear people are equally happy. All of them will be eager to welcome the new member of the family.

A Baby Shower party is a traditional way in the West where loved ones get together to express their joy at your pregnancy. It is a moment when you meet friends and family, and they "cover" you with gifts, beautiful messages, well wishes before the birth. Here are some important aspects for planning this special party.

Baby Shower Party - what does it mean?

baby shower party ideas

It is basically a party that is organized to celebrate the imminent birth of a child. It is also a way that friends and family can help the new parents to get what they need for the moment when the baby arrives in the world: crib, clothes, chest of drawers, toys, personal hygiene items, etc. In short, babies need a lot of things, and the list can be quite long and expensive.

Where does this tradition come from?

Although the Baby Shower Party is a relatively recent concept, giving gifts to future parents is a very long tradition. The birth of a child has always been a source of joy and celebration.

The ancient Greeks and Egyptians organized all kinds of rituals to celebrate the birth of a baby. During these rituals, gifts and well wishes were offered. In the Middle Ages, the tradition was replaced by the baptism of the baby and it was common for relatives to offer gifts for the future child.

Later, in the Renaissance, mothers were offered generous gifts upon the birth of a child, and in the Victorian era, the first Baby Shower parties appeared. Because then pregnancy and birth were not discussed publicly, these celebrations took place after the birth of the child.

Baby Showers in the Victorian era were tea parties, which included games and gifts for the new mother. During the Two World Wars, loved ones were happy to offer financial help to parents who were going through economic difficulties due to the conflicts. Then, more and more this concept spread all over the world.

When should you organize the Baby Shower Party?

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There is no clear rule in setting the date for this event. Most parties of this type are organized about 4 - 6 weeks before the birth of the baby. In this way, the guests can know if the baby is going to be a girl or a boy, when they choose the gifts and decorations.

Many mothers choose to organize this party as late as possible during pregnancy, because then the risk of spontaneous abortion decreases a lot. In addition, you will have a clearer picture of the things that you lack and that your loved ones can offer you.

Baby Shower Party Planning

Traditionally, the planning of this event was not carried out by the expectant mother. Instead, friends and family took care of this. Ultimately, the idea of ​​the party is to create a special surprise for the expectant mother and the future baby, with lots of gifts and lots of love.

If you are a mother-to-be and no one has yet proposed to plan a Baby Shower party, it is okay to approach a friend or relative and ask them if they can do this for you. Even if most moms choose to relax during this period and let others take care of the Baby Shower Party, it's perfectly fine to give your opinion or come up with ideas, if you want. However, if your loved ones insist that they take care of everything, let them! After all, it's a real opportunity for them to show their love and affection for you and your baby.

baby shower party gifts

It is also a good idea to create a gift list. Even if this seems taboo to you, the list will be particularly useful for guests who do not know what gifts to give you and which will be really useful. In short, it would not be nice to receive a ton of toys and no set of clothes or gifts.

Who to invite to the Baby Shower Party?

The list may be different, but generally those present are members of the two parents' families, grandparents, close friends.

Where is the Baby Shower Party held?

Depending on the number of guests, it can be held at a restaurant, a terrace, outdoors or even at home. If it will be at the house of the pregnant mother, someone should stay after the party to help her clean up. It is good to take into account the preferences of future parents.

How to organize Baby Shower Party?

These parties can be fun and playful or relaxing and elegant. It depends on the preferences of the future parents. If activities will be included at the party, it is important that the mother-to-be gives her consent regarding these.

Games can be organized, a buffet service can be made, small gifts can be offered to those present. Guests can prepare various gifts for the future child: clothes, furniture, toys, diapers, room decorations, etc.

Baby Shower Party Gift Ideas

Babies are rays of sunshine in our lives, and a single smile from them is enough to make our day more beautiful.

When it comes to gifts for babies, we want to make the best choices, which offer maximum comfort to both babies and parents. Thus, we provide you with some gift ideas for the little ones.

Children's and Baby's Playground Bombo 45061R Pink

children's play area in the baby's room

This playground is suitable for newborn children, but also for older children. The mattress is made of a fluffy material, filled with extra, and has a diameter of 90 centimeters. The extra hippopotamus attached to the mattress can be used as a pillow. The height of the playground is 55 centimeters and it has toys for the little ones. It can be washed very easily in the washing machine. This playground is available in two colors, namely pink and blue, being suitable for both girls and boys.

Nanan Tato teddy bear night light 25 cm 1902

teddy bear night lamp

Most of the time, children are afraid of the dark, regardless of their age. The best option to avoid these unpleasant moments is to use a night light.

The night light in the shape of a teddy bear is the perfect gift for any child, having an interesting but at the same time friendly appearance. The teddy bear is made of velvet and stuffed with plush, so it can even be one of the little one's toys. Its size is only 25 centimeters and it works with the help of two AAA batteries.

Pillows for babies

Baby pillows are very useful gifts for parents and very comfortable for the little ones. They can have different shapes, sizes and colors. Baby pillows are made of very soft materials, so as not to irritate babies' skin.

The pillow for babies against plagioencephaly is a suitable gift because it can be used in the case of newborns and helps the correct development of the baby. It is made of cotton and can be washed in the machine.

Some pillows are specially created for the little ones, so babies can be left on their stomachs without fear of suffocation. These baby pillows have holes through which the child can breathe if he puts his face in the pillow, which is quite common for babies.

Baby bracelets

Bracelets for babies are a very good option for a gift, especially if you choose to be made of a resistant material, such as gold or silver.

Bracelets with red string and personalized talisman are excellent if you want to give them as a gift. This bracelet is light, does not disturb the baby, and the little one cannot get hurt when wearing it, the talisman being very small and fine. They can be kept as a memory. The talisman can have different shapes, such as baby feet, teddy bears or clovers.

A molding frame or a molding kit

A mold for the little one is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give. This molding consists of a metal box containing an air-drying paste. The method of use is very simple: you just have to press the baby's feet or hands on the paste, then let it dry. Fingerprints can be kept as a memory. These products are dermatologically tested to provide maximum safety for babies.

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Toys for babies are some of the most given gifts. These are really loved by the little ones. The different shapes and bright colors attract babies, who are very fascinated by the new objects that appear in their lives.

The toys can be made of soft materials, such as velvet, and stuffed with extra so as not to represent any risk in terms of injuring the little ones. They do not contain small, dangerous parts and are suitable even for babies only a few weeks old. Many of the plush toys contain a material inside them that rustles to the touch. Also, there are toys that have silicone segments that contain marbles. They make noise when they are agitated.

Clothes for newborns

Sets for newborns, clothes for girls or boys - here is another very practical idea for Baby Shower Party gifts. These will be very useful for the future child even from the first weeks of life.

Furniture items

Godparents, grandparents and close relatives can choose to offer furniture to the future parents: cot, changing table , chest of drawers, chair, rocking chair, cabinet, toy storage box, etc. They will be particularly useful for arranging the baby's room. Of course, it is important that the person giving such a gift is sure that the parents do not have the object in question yet. Here is one more time how useful the gift list can be.

These are just some of the gifts you can give on the occasion of the arrival of a baby in the world. In addition to these ideas, you can opt for a stroller, bedding and crib sets, bathroom or stroller accessories, photo frames or maybe a carousel with toys for the crib. It is important that the gift be from the heart and make the baby and his parents happy.