Why buy a quality personalized kit?

Studies show that, during the pandemic, the birth rate started to increase, as did the smiles of millions of people who became parents for the first time.

The greatest fulfillment of the parents, beyond the first contact and the birth of a completely healthy child, will always be the baptism, that moment when the little baby becomes a Christian and officially acquires the name they have chosen. the parents, but also the saint.

Even if the pandemic turned some plans upside down and led to the postponement of such events, better moments will not hesitate to come when we will be able to fully enjoy the most special occasions in life. And such a special moment deserves to be immortalized as such!

For example, you can show your joy of this event by purchasing a personalized, quality christening kit , through which the event will be a memorable one, and the baby will own the special place it occupies.

The advantages of a quality personalized kit

Ever since ancient times, every parent has the habit of keeping all the accessories used at baptism, as a symbol of the consequent event. A personalized christening kit is a special memory, given that it can be executed according to the preferences of the parents/godparents, so that no other kit will be similar to that of your little one.

And, of course, the more meticulously it is made, from carefully selected materials, the more the baby will be delighted with it and will be able to enjoy the delicacy and finesse of the materials that will take care of his delicate skin during the entire ritual.

Such a kit for baptism is in no way inferior to any kit, on the contrary. It corresponds to even the most demanding wishes and needs, thanks to the content of the high number of pieces necessary for both the baby and the priest. So here are the advantages of a personalized baptism kit and why you should opt for it.

Benefits personalized quality kit

  • It can be made according to the wishes and preferences of the parents, taking into account traditions or a series of personal preferences;

  • They are ideal for both girls and boys, being easy to adapt according to requests;

  • It can be customized with the child's name, in a desired color or with any other desired details, the seams, respectively the customization being done manually, in a delicate way, which will exude a special professionalism;

  • All the elements are in contrast with each other, still unitary, so that it will be simpler than ever to associate the baptism kit with a certain theme established for the organization and conduct of the baptism, for example;

  • Each set contains everything necessary for baptism - from cloth, to baby towel, normal towel and towel for the priest, bottle of myrrh, soap;

  • The materials with which the little one will come in contact are of a superior quality, full and pleasant to the touch, made of cotton, while each element will have either a careful customization by sewing, or the wrapping of the pieces in delicate elements that will highlight the unitary refinement of the baptism kit (for example, the bottle of myrrh can be dressed in the same lace or a cord with a bow that can be found on the other elements of the kit).

quality personalized baptism kits

So, such a christening set can help you create a truly magical christening and give your baby/grandchild special attention, through a personalized kit of the best quality.

Parents will certainly be impressed to discover this first special choice from the position of spiritual parents who will guide the little one everywhere in life, on the right path.

At Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului, we offer you numerous models of personalized kits that we can redefine according to your preferences, paying special attention to each individual client/model.