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We all look forward to the magical moment when we will be able to hold our babies in our arms, when we will be able to admire their eyes, feel their breathing and hear them reproduce their first sounds. After 9 months in which we could only imagine what their tender face looks like, and which we could imagine with each ultrasound in the gynecological office, here we are, finally, we will enjoy all the emotions and experiences with which comes the first contact.

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Even if the current times are by no means as we dreamed, and even if the arrival of a newborn in the world is more special than ever, the first days of a child's life are the most precious moments in a parent's life.

Many parents are of the opinion that the difficulty comes along the way, which we also agree with. As the child grows older, their needs also increase, and each child is different in its own way. We know that you will give them your full attention and the best, so that they can have a harmonious and above all, healthy development.

And clothes undoubtedly play an extremely important role, especially now, in the first days of life, when the little ones are more sensitive than ever. Today we will talk about choosing the best clothes for babies and how they influence their health and development.

Classic cotton vs. organic cotton

The most loved articles of clothing have always been those made of cotton, both when it comes to children and adults.

Nowadays, more and more informed parents choose to replace classic cotton items with organic cotton items. You are surely wondering why and how these organic cotton clothes are different from the material we all know.

Organic cotton is a material carefully obtained from carefully grown crops in unpolluted and untreated environments, which is not subject to extensive industrial processes like ordinary cotton. Did you know that pesticides, insecticides, petroleum and heavy metals are used in many technological processes for obtaining clothing items on the market? And all these pollutants are kept in a weak proportion in the tissues, but which can have harmful effects on sensitive and reactive skin.

The land on which organic cotton is grown is depolluted, after which it is left in a state of rest for at least 3-5 years, during which the producers make sure that the said land meets all the standards necessary for certification and the growth of related crops, in order to obtain raw material of a superior quality.

Thus, from the manufacture of organic cotton clothes, softer clothes are obtained, friendlier to the skin and to the environment, devoid of those minimal concentrations of toxic substances that come into contact with our skin and body. And this is extremely important, because organic cotton eliminates the rate of production/development of allergies and irritation in children, who are up to 30 times more sensitive than adults.

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The material being much more comfortable and perfect for the delicate skin of babies, it will consequently be healthier, much more resistant than a regular cotton fabric, even much more pleasant and airy for extremely warm days and environments.

And if you too want such premium materials in your baby's life, allow us to present you the availability from our portfolio.

organic cotton baby clothes

News at the Baby Room - newborn sets, made of organic cotton

Newborn sets made of organic cotton are the ideal choice to give as a gift to parents who are expecting a baby or to send an unexpected and extremely useful gift to the maternity ward, perfect for the little one, from relatives or friends.

These sets are a premium choice at an affordable price, but also a form of respect for parents who want the best for their children, as well as for their babies' skin.

And now, through , you too can benefit from such complete clothing sets made of organic cotton at a discount , which you can use and re-use with love, both when you leave the maternity hospital and every day, in the first months of the baby's life.

The organic cotton newborn sets have measurements between 56-62 cm, suitable from one month to 3 months (depending on the chosen set), and the available models cover both the needs of mothers of girls and the needs of mothers of boys.

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Thus, you can choose an organic cotton set for boys with 5 or even 10 pieces, but also sets for girls, from 3 or 10 pieces.

The generous sets for boys and girls are made up of a blouse, pants, hat, even bags that you can use, for example, to store the pacifier. The 10 pieces also contain a bodysuit, towel and other permanently useful accessories.

Let's not forget that babies' skin during this period is more sensitive than ever, prone to childhood diseases and more. And these sets help both parents and children, to guarantee a harmonious and healthy development.

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Of course, at AnneBebe and Camera Bebelusului you will always find all the items you need in everyday life, but also for special occasions. We pay attention to the smallest details so that you can enjoy the best quality clothing items, with healthy fabrics and perfect finishes. We are waiting for you to discover the news and offers that we have prepared for you.