Children are the universe of parents who spend their whole lives trying to protect them and give them the best they have. Especially at a young age, the little ones require all the attention of adults and are supervised most of the time. As society evolves, a series of objects have appeared that can make life easier for parents. It is about the protective accessories for the baby's crib. Here's what you can find at the Baby Room:

Bed protection sets:

Baby cot protection set Annebebe Ariel Baby Room

In the first part of life, the baby spends almost all of its time in the crib, where it needs both comfort and protection. Bed protection sets are ideal for this situation. They are similar to linen sets, but have protection on the sides of the cot. In this way, the baby will not hit the sides of the crib when it moves, and the parents will be much calmer, especially if the baby does not sleep in the same room as them.

Cotton baby cot bed linen for girls

Side protections

The side protections for the cot can themselves be a way of protection or they can be an additional means, in case the cot already has a protection system installed. Therefore, they can be used regardless of whether the crib already has protection because they protect the baby's head in particular.

Cot reducers

Side kicks are most common in the case of babies when they start to move. The ideal objects to combat them are the crib reducers. They are lined with cotton fibers and covered with quality materials such as pure cotton. It is mounted in the upper part of the bed, ensuring a smooth and safe sleep!

Baby cot side protection Annebebe baby room

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