What accessories do you need for baptism clothes?

What could parents want more in the first decade of their child's life, if not a fairytale baptism?

It is an exciting event, both for the parents and the guests, but also a special memory that will last forever in the life of the child who will look excitedly at the magical captures of this day. The smile brought to everyone's lips includes the entire satisfaction that you, as organizers, will enjoy to the maximum intensity, these being a true confirmation that the efforts were not in vain and that you had an excellent organization.

The accessories for a story baptism are meant to complete the whole story ritual and turn your little one into the piece of resistance of this event. So today we will come to your aid with a series of recommendations of accessories that you can use to give as a gift to your little one on such a special day.

Types of accessories for baptism clothes and their role

The list of accessories that can complete the outfit and appearance of the baby at this special event is endless, but always a series of quality accessories will easily stand out. The quality can be expressed through the materials pleasant to the child's skin, but also through the attention to details, seams, through how appropriate the accessories are in relation to the season in which the baptism takes place. And last but not least, the accessories must be suitable for the needs of the fragile body.

Baptism hats

Often, even in everyday life, there is a habit of putting a fez on the little one's head. And this practice has been carried out since ancient times, often even on the magical day of baptism. The hat has the role of protecting the little one from the much too cold air, even from those small breezes that could become a real health problem for him.

The right hats can also be transformed into a multifunctional accessory, ideal even for christenings. A normal hat made of durable and pleasant materials, such as cotton, is extremely suitable in the warm season, or a knitted one in the cold season.

Headbands for baptism

Headbands are another accessory that you can use for little ladies. These will not only protect the head and contribute to the optimal development of the ears if they are worn long term, but at the same time they can present different prints, embroidery or details (for example, tulle popcorn) that give the little ones that elegance absolute and a perfect contrast with the christening outfit.

Jackets and coats for baptism

In the hot season, we can also use a thin jacket made of materials that do not allow overheating of the skin, the occurrence of excessive sweating and therefore, skin irritations. A simple jacket with small elegant details (embroidery, pearls, lace, etc.) will complete the little one's outfit fabulously.

At the same time, in the cold season you can go for a cute coat, made of knitwear or fur, so that the comfort and elegance of the little one will be easily combined even at low temperatures. You can thus immortalize the moment outside as well, because the little one will not feel the thermal discomfort.

Baptism shoes

baptism shoes by annebebe

Like an adult, give your child the right shoes and he will be able to conquer the world. Shoes play an extremely important aesthetic and functional role, even if the baby does not yet have the ability to stand on its own two feet and roam the world happily.

However, in order to give the appearance of the outfit and to protect the feet from the negative influences of external factors, you can use a series of shoes and/or elegant moccasins, made of leather, velvet, satin, etc.

It is ideal to use either neutral shades or shoes in contrast with the color palette of the outfit.

Tights and stockings for baptism

For added comfort and to prevent exposure of the skin to inappropriate temperatures, you can opt for thick tights in the cold season or thin stockings.

These christening accessories must also be of quality, made of cotton or organic cotton, so that during the entire ritual the child feels comfortable.

The tights and stockings are elegantly complemented by a series of cute embroideries and/or lace that can be in tune with the outfit, especially if they will be visible.

Boleros for girls' christening

Boleros for Christening by annebebe

In the case of girls and for indoor events (for example, at church or at the after party), you can choose an equally elegant and nice bolero that will highlight the child's outfit, namely that fairytale dress inspired by the land of real princesses.

These are not only comfortable, but also offer extra elegance.

Accessories at the base of the neck

The boys' costume can also be completed with a bow tie or a tie, just as girls enjoy those flirty headbands at head level. The accessories at the base of the neck give the little gentlemen an imposing air that perfectly complements their suit and/or shirt.

Moreover, these accessories help to transform the little ones into real gentlemen in miniature so that their role is purely aesthetic. For a major impact, it is recommended that the bow tie be in contrast with the chosen outfit or with the other accessories. For example, with a navy blue suit and a white shirt, you can opt for a bow tie and a red hat.

At Anne Bebe and Camera Bebelusului you will always find a wide range of accessories for christening clothes, completely and completely special accessories designed with love and attention, which will contribute to the comfort of the baby, but also to its arrangement through a stylish outfit . The quality accessories offer a modern and elegant air, turning our children into princes and princesses who will surprise us by making unforgettable photo-video memories.