Essential accessories for the baby's crib

How long does the baby sleep?

Babies are used to sleeping on average between eight and nine hours during the day, and about eight to nine hours a night, depending on their age. Because newborns are used to sleeping most of the time, arranging the baby's room, choosing a cot and essential accessories takes on a major importance when we refer to the rest of the little one, to the quality of sleep but especially to the degree of development which can be ensured by a restful sleep. The baby's crib is the place where he will spend a large part of his time, especially in the first months of life, being both a place to rest and a place to play, a small universe in itself.

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What are the essential accessories we need?

Every aspect related to the subsequent development of the child acquires a primordial importance for future or new parents. When we choose the pieces of furniture for babies to decorate the baby's room, it is good to take into account first of all the aspects related to quality and functionality, without ignoring the aesthetic aspect. It is important to choose natural materials from which to make both the pieces of furniture for babies and their accessories. When we talk about the baby crib, it is important to give ourselves enough time to study the available offer and to make the best choices. If you have already chosen the cot, it is time to orient yourself towards the essential accessories you will need.

What are sleep support pillows and what advantages do they present?

First of all, to ensure an optimal degree of protection, it is advisable to choose

pillows to fulfill the role of sleep support. If you choose a 2 in 1 Cozy Dream support baby pillow , you will ensure the baby an optimal degree of protection at the level of the head, so that the pressure will be distributed over the entire surface of the skull. This is particularly important, because in this way the occurrence of plagioencephaly syndrome or flat head syndrome is avoided. This problem occurs frequently, being caused by the fact that the baby is used to sleeping on the same side. Regardless of whether you choose to use the two-in-one Cozy Dream support for sleep in the folding or wooden cot, it is ideal because it adapts perfectly to the baby's conformation at each stage of growth, ensures a peaceful sleep and at the same time a perfect position of the lumbar area during sleep. If your baby suffers from colic, it is recommended that his legs be positioned higher than the rest of the body. The support pillow is also a wonderful gift idea, which can be given as a christening gift or on another special occasion.

Another advantage of the support pillows is represented by the fact that the materials used to make these accessories are delicate, the interior being made of high-density memory foam, which ensures resistance to deformation, regardless of the pressure exerted. The two-in-one baby support is made of cotton, polyester and memory foam and is an accessory that should not be missing from the baby's bedroom.

What type of blankets should we choose for the baby's crib?

Because each crib needs a matching blanket, it is advisable to choose beds that are made of 100% cotton. This allows for proper ventilation but also a suitable thermal insulation. Regardless of the chosen color, Nanan blankets are made of cotton, carefully manufactured in Italy, in accordance with European standards in the field. Whether you choose a blanket for your baby or give it as a gift, you will be offering a superior quality product, created especially for babies, capable of beautifying the baby's crib but also creating wonderful memories, years from now.

What is the role of the carousel?

To ensure a peaceful sleep but also to calm the baby, you can install a carousel for the crib. The carousel , through design and color, succeeds in bringing more personality to the baby's room, stimulating at the same time his first perceptions. The carousel can be easily mounted on the edge of the bed, being provided with a key. The extra Nanan bears will represent the ideal companions of the little one, accompanying him in the world of dreams and waiting for him when he wakes up.

If you want such a carousel, which you can also use when the child grows up, it is advisable to choose the Vise Placute musical carousel for the bed . The advantage that this type of carousel offers is that it will grow with your little one, being able to be transformed into a portable music box with the funny shape of a cassette player. By choosing this carousel you will enjoy 40 minutes of uninterrupted music and high quality speakers with a unique design. In addition, the Vise Placute carousel is equipped with a wake-up light that calms the baby.

It can be used for the age group 0-3 months, selecting the white sounds option, an option recommended by specialists in the field due to the fact that these sounds are similar to those heard in the mother's belly. In this way, you will ensure that the newborn will be calm and enjoy a restful sleep. After the age of 5 months, the carousel can be transformed into a portable music box in the form of a cassette player. This is the moment when the little one learns to interact with the object and even activate the music box by himself.

After the age of 12 months, your little one will learn to choose one of the 18 available songs by himself. This type of toys are recommended for the age group between 0 and 24 months, as a result of the fact that they encourage the development of senses, language, communication and emotional intelligence.

Why do we need rocking chairs and playgrounds?

For the moments when the baby leaves the crib, it is good to have rocking chairs or play mats available. The Nanan Tato swing can be used immediately after birth. It is provided with an additional pillow in the head area, but also with the possibility of adjusting the seat in two positions. The rocking chair is equipped with a vibrating device but also with a toy bar to keep the little one occupied by means of the three cheerful plus toys, faithful companions of the baby. For added safety, the rocking chair is equipped with a 3-point fastening belt. To ensure protection against possible allergic reactions, the manufacturers chose to make this rocking chair using non-allergic, soft and delicate materials, easy to wash and sanitize.

Playgrounds for children and babies. If you want your little one to enjoy a space to relax and play extremely funny, in the company of Nanan the bear, you must choose a Tato playground . The Nanan bear that decorates the fluffy mattress has both a decorative and a protective role, the bear's head being specially designed to be used as a pillow. These playgrounds can be used from birth, being in addition easy to sanitize in the washing machine. The Italian manufacturers thus designed an extremely safe play and relaxation place, with a cheerful and playful design, personifying it through Nanan, the baby's best friend.