It is natural to want to do everything possible to help your child sleep well when he is sick.

But, maybe you wonder if what you are doing is good or if you are following bad sleeping habits.

7 ways to help your baby sleep when he is sick

If you have invested a lot of time and effort to help your baby sleep without being breastfed, without sucking from the bottle and without rocking him, then maybe you feel a kind of anxiety if when he is sick you have to take a few steps back.

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But the doctors are very clear here: you have to help your baby, if he can't help himself. If his nose runs, he has congestion or coughs a lot, his sleep will be interrupted and then you have to help him.

When your baby is sick, his body will tell him that he needs more sleep to fight bacteria and viruses. But, as a parent, you may not see this, because the baby's sleep is more fragmented than usual.

Coughing, runny nose, general malaise will make it difficult for the baby to sleep.

How do you help your baby sleep when he is sick?

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  1. Don't let him cry

It is clear that he is not feeling well and needs help. Give him security and hug him. Maybe you will feel that all your effort to help him sleep alone and easily in the crib will be thrown out the window. But it's not like that. Try not to strain. If the baby had some healthy sleeping habits before, he will know to return to them when he recovers.

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  1. Give him plenty of fluids

Depending on the age of the baby, we are talking about milk and/or water here.

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  1. If he doesn't eat much during the day, offer him some snacks at night.

Even if this did not happen when the baby was healthy, it is important now to help him stay well hydrated.

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  1. Keep the limits

If you made efforts before the baby slept alone in his crib and in his room, pediatricians suggest that you keep this habit. If you bring him to your bed, when he recovers, it will be more difficult to convince him to sleep in his crib again. However, if you are worried about your baby's condition, you can place a mattress or sleeping area next to his crib. That way you will be able to easily supervise him on the days when he is sick.

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  1. If the baby has a cold or stuffy nose

Try to breastfeed him as much as possible, because this will help to clean the nasal passages. If he needs a hug at night, place him in a vertical position, slightly tilted to release blocked nasal passages.

  1. If the baby had coughed

Use an air humidifier. You can also let the hot water run in the tub and close the bathroom door to create a steamy atmosphere. During the winter, it is important to air the room, but make sure that the little one is well dressed.

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  1. Wash your hands frequently

To avoid spreading the disease, make sure you wash your hands frequently. When the baby's immune system is fighting viruses and bacteria, it is important to block the access of other diseases in the body.

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This is a quick guide that will help you get the situation under control. Finally, remember that the baby's sleep is a journey. The less good nights will come and go naturally.