Most babies are full of energy and shake their hands and feet as long as the day is long, which is why it is quite difficult, sometimes, to change their clothes or diapers. The time you spend with your baby should be one of bonding.

And it's no secret that in the first months of life, you will change diapers very often. Starting with the 6th - 9th month when the baby will start diversifying, if you encourage him to eat alone, then you will also add the change of clothes that will get dirty quite easily after each meal.

Little tricks to help you change your little one more easily

1. Play the music

Music helps you relax and enjoy a few moments of peace after a tiring day of work, but why wouldn't it be the same for your little one? You will definitely notice that your baby will be much more cooperative and relaxed when it comes to dressing or changing diapers, when you play music in the background to keep him busy while you do your work. It's worth a try, isn't it? However, be careful what kind of music you choose. We recommend relaxation music, classical or playful music for children.

2. Make sure you have everything you need at hand

It is very important to have all the things you are going to use as close as possible to you, because you must always be attentive to the little one and never let him out of your sight. So, before you start changing it, make sure that everything is set up and that the operation can begin.

Also, when you have to reach for a certain thing you need, don't forget to always keep a hand on your little one, because he can roll and there will be a risk of falling. So be careful! Better safe than bad!

changing mat

3. Always buy quality products for your little one

The quality of the products you use for your little one matters. Babies' skin is very sensitive, and that's why he needs careful and diligent care. Therefore, pay close attention to what certain baby products contain, from creams to lotions or even powder, because all of these can cause irritation to the little one. Also, buy products from approved places and from reliable suppliers.

4. The anti-irritation cream is essential

As we were talking above about how sensitive your baby's skin is and how easily it can cause irritation, you must always have a cream in the house that combats these discomforts. Get one that fits your little one perfectly, and make sure it doesn't contain harmful ingredients that could harm his skin!

5. Use a changing mat

Safety always comes first, especially when it comes to your baby. That is exactly why we recommend you to use a changing mat to be sure that it will not fall from the place where you place it. In this way, he will be safe from danger, and you can respond to an emergency that cannot wait any longer and is happening right at that moment. However, do not forget the fact that you must not let the little one out of your sight for a moment.

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6. Use the right diapers for your baby

Just like with the products you use on your little one's skin, you also have to take care of what kind of material the diapers and clothes he wears are made of. If the clothes are synthetic, and not made of cotton, then your baby will definitely sweat in them and will not feel comfortable at all. It is the same with the diapers you choose for your little one, especially because they have direct contact with the most sensitive area of ​​his body.

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7. Room temperature is very important

Whether it's too hot or too cold, neither of these situations will help you, especially when you have to change your baby. It is very important that the temperature you set is always constant and that your little one does not feel these changes when you need to dress or change him. This thing is even more important in the cold season.

muslin diaper

We hope these little tips to keep in mind when changing your baby were helpful. Our recommendation is to enjoy all these special moments. To connect with your child, without losing sight of vigilance and good preparation. After all, this is also the magic of being a mother.