Are you going to bring home a newborn? Then let's talk about the only things you really need.

Many times, future parents stress themselves out looking for all the things they need at the beginning. But what is actually essential in the first 6 weeks of a newborn? Check out our list below of essential items to bring home a newborn.

Really useful things when you bring the baby home

things for the newborn

1. Diapers and napkins

Regardless of whether you intend to choose disposable diapers or cloth diapers, one thing is clear: you will definitely need diapers.

Bamboo muslin baby diapers

Some tips in this regard:

  • it is difficult to say what size the little one will be at birth. However, you should buy a pack of newborn diapers (if not two).
  • don't buy too many diapers before the baby is born. Most diapers sometimes depend on the shape and build of the baby.
  • the baby's stool will be very soft and sticky at first, so it will be helpful to have coconut oil on hand. Also, some babies may be sensitive to certain cold or flavored wipes. So, choose fragrance-free wet wipes for sensitive skin.

mother and baby newborn diapers

2. Clothes for newborns

Attention: do not exaggerate. For several reasons, it is wise to stick to a few items of clothing for newborns. See for example our maternity sets that contain everything you need for a newborn. You shouldn't buy more clothes because if the baby is bigger, he won't be able to wear them. One of the best clothing items for newborns is the bodysuit. Easy to wear, very versatile, with or without sleeves, with staples and a closed system (so that you don't put too much pressure on the baby's head in the first weeks).

Maternity Set for Newborn Babies

3. Blankets

Blue Baby Stroller Cotton Stroller

Choose thin , soft and pleasant to the touch blankets when you bring the baby home. They can be used for anything: swaddling, breastfeeding, for the baby's seat, to cover it in the stroller, etc. Because blankets have many uses, they are a real necessity for newborns.

4. A baby cot, his place to sleep

wooden baby cot

Newborns eat, sleep and have a stool. So, you will need a special place for your baby so that he can rest and develop properly. Whether it's a medium cot, a co-sleeping cot or an elegant one, your baby needs a safe place to sleep.

5. Articles necessary for feeding

Whether you will breastfeed or formula feed your baby, you will need a few essential things. Buy some good quality nursing bras, disposable or washable breast pads and nipple cream.

If the baby will be formula fed, you will need bottles and milk powder. You may also need a good breast pump to collect breast milk to give to your baby later (this is essential if you won't be around for a certain amount of time ).

6. The clam

This is another necessity (for legal and safety reasons) to bring the newborn home from the hospital. More than 70% of car seats for babies are installed improperly. Therefore, make sure that you inform yourself beforehand about all the best practices in fitting the baby car seat.

7. A baby carrier or wrap

baby carrier

Of course, a baby carrier is great because it helps you stay with your baby and have your hands free to prepare lunch, do laundry or answer an important email. That's why we recommend that you also have a baby carrier handy, which will also be useful when you go for a walk in the park.

This is all! Newborns are not yet interested in toys or the latest fashion trends. The time will come for these too. Just be patient. Now, your baby only needs the basics: eye contact, love, comfort and patience.