The most important pieces of furniture for the baby's room

There is something so special about arranging the baby's room. It may take you months of preparation to make sure that this room is absolutely perfect when you bring your first baby into the world. One of the most important parts of arranging the baby's room is buying special furniture. You will definitely want to have in this room everything that is important for you and your baby.

Of course, it is also important to find a balance - on the one hand, you will want to make sure that you have all the essential elements, and on the other hand, you will not want to overcrowd the room with unnecessary objects. That's why it can be quite difficult to decide on the perfect pieces of furniture for babies. Today, when there are so many items and pieces of furniture for babies, the choice can be really overwhelming.

Therefore, to help parents who are starting to arrange the baby's room, we have prepared this article that includes the most important pieces of furniture that must not be missing from the newborn's room. Concentrate on purchasing them first.

1. The bed

This is the most obvious piece of furniture you will need in the newborn's room. Some parents can choose to buy a minimalist basket, others opt for co-sleeping cots , others for standard or convertible cots. In our offer you will find a lot of extremely beautiful cribs and surely one of them is perfect for your baby.

baby cot

We have cots with wheels, wooden cots, oval cots, adjustable baby cots, which can be attached to the parents' bed (by removing one side) and even cots with diffused lights and childish accents that are so beautiful for the little one's room. Usually, the crib becomes the center of interest of the room, so make sure you invest in something you like and something of quality. Baby will sleep a lot in the first weeks, and then he will be able to rest here every night and during his afternoon nap. Choose something pleasant and practical, such as the cots from the Nanan collection.

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2. Changing table/ chest of drawers

The second critical piece of furniture for the baby's room is the changing table. It is considered a must for the newborn's room, which will have to be changed 10 or even 12 times a day. You can't change it on the bed or on a makeshift table. The changing tables are specially designed to be comfortable, to allow you a comfortable position when changing the baby and to have at hand all the things you need during the change (diapers, lotions, creams, wet wipes, dry napkins, etc.).


Check in our offer the changing tables that are so beautiful and practical. We have minimalist-style changing tables, tables with easy-to-maneuver storage space, tables with mattresses, tables that also transform into a bath tub, changing tables placed on chests of drawers, to save space and for convenient storage.

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3. Closet for baby clothes or chest of drawers

Most likely, the baby will have more clothes than you, especially in the first years of life, so it is important to make sure you have a place to store them and organize them as well as possible. You can either opt for a wardrobe with a bar for hangers and additional space for clothes, but you can also choose chests of drawers or horizontal wardrobes that allow you to organize your clothes like lying books.

baby closet

The wardrobes and chests of drawers in our offer are brilliant for the baby's room and are extremely practical. Made of the best quality materials, with an ideal childish, cheerful and sweet style, these pieces of furniture will conquer everyone and help you create that perfect corner of heaven for your baby.

baby cabinet

4. Chair for breastfeeding

Many parents spend a lot of time in the baby's room, and investing in a nursing chair is something you will thank yourself for in the future. You can choose a rocking chair or a comfortable armchair that will allow you to breastfeed the baby without back or middle pain.

nursing chairs

5. Dirty laundry basket

Although this is not necessarily a piece of furniture, it is definitely an essential thing. When you buy baby furniture, don't forget to choose a laundry basket. In this you will be able to easily store diapers, bodysuits and other things that go in the wash.


6. Storage solutions

Baby will grow and will gradually need practical and handy storage solutions. Maybe they are not furniture in the true sense of the word, but you will definitely need them. Many parents consider it beneficial to keep the child's room in order. You can choose beautiful boxes for storing toys, diapers, plushies, books and other small things.

mini babies


We hope that this list of essential items for the baby's room will help you arrange a gorgeous room for your baby. To make it easy for you to organize the pieces of furniture, we recommend that you start with a list of what you need and where to write down your preferences and the important things that you should take into account.

Then, come to our store, use the filters, browse the offers and choose the right option for you and your baby. We assure you that it is well worth taking the time to select the most appropriate pieces of furniture for the baby and to set up a room of innocent dreams.

When you buy the furniture for the baby's room, make sure you choose a reliable store. Visit us in the classic stores or in the online store and you will discover a lot of attractive offers. We have been on the market for many years and have made many parents and babies happy. We assure you that we put quality first, because when it comes to your chicken, we know that there is no room for compromise.