Tips for caring for babies and small children in the summer

Newborns and small children are very vulnerable in the summer season. That is why it is important to know some essential rules for caring for infants during the summer. Hot flashes, dehydration, diaper rash, loss of appetite are problems that can occur often.

But we, mothers, know very well how to overcome all these small obstacles in our children's lives. So, here are some suggestions and tips on how to care for babies during the summer.

babies in the water

Tips for caring for infants during the summer

Take these tips into account, but don't forget to rest, enjoy the sunny weather with your pup and spend a lot of fun moments together.

  1. Be careful that the little one stays hydrated. If he receives only breast milk, you must feed him often, so that he remains well hydrated, because sweating leads to the loss of fluids from the body.

  1. Avoid the burning sun. To avoid heat eruptions or sunburns, avoid going out with the baby between 11 am and 4 pm. Babies' skin is very vulnerable to the sun's heat. Therefore, it is advisable not to take the baby out when the sun is strong.

newborn tips for summer

  1. Choose the right clothes for your baby. If we are talking about a newborn, then you can only limit yourself to a cotton diaper. Give up the thick and heavy blanket.

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  1. Infant massage. It is good to massage the baby before the bath, but you should take into account certain things during the summer. Do not exaggerate and choose massage oils carefully.

  1. Regulation of body temperature in newborns. Avoid sudden temperature changes. When you're at home, try to keep the fan or air conditioner at a constant speed and make sure there's no current.

  1. For babies who have started diversifying, choose juices and hydrating drinks prepared at home.

  1. For the baby, use only plain water or filtered or boiled water. If you give him mineral water, make sure that the seal of the bottle is intact. During the summer, young children should consume about 355 ml of water to prevent dehydration.

  1. Be aware of possible symptoms of dehydration (a small amount of urine is one of these symptoms).

  1. The clothes must be loose and even longer so as not to expose the baby's skin to insect bites.

  1. Air conditioning does not harm infants, but the temperature should be maintained at around 26 degrees Celsius.

  1. Make sure you put everything you need in your maternity bag when you go to the pool, the beach, the park, etc. Don't forget diapers, hats, textiles, swimming earplugs to prevent middle ear infections, water bottle, etc.

  1. Never leave a small child unattended in a tub or pool of water, even if there is little water in it.

  1. Look for comfortable cotton clothes. These cotton or organic cotton clothes allow better air circulation. They do not keep the heat on the skin, but provide coolness to the body. Then, organic cotton clothes do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate sensitive skin.

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  1. Home care. Avoid bathing the baby with very hot water during the summer. Use your elbow to test the water temperature or a stick thermometer. Avoid too many baths in a day, because they can affect the body temperature of the little one.

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  1. Protect the baby from mosquitoes and insects. For this, choose light-colored clothes and natural/bio insect repellent solutions. There are several products on the market that meet these requirements and can be used safely around children.

  1. Keep the comfortable temperature in the room - 24 - 26 degrees. The temperature should not be very low because the baby may catch a cold. When sleeping, the baby should be dressed lightly in a cotton bodysuit.
  2. Breast milk or formula can be given more frequently to combat dehydration. The little ones will get their water needs from milk. Always store formula milk packets in resealable containers.
  3. Coconut oil is preferred for baby massage. It offers a cooling effect on the body because it has a light texture and is easily absorbed into the skin. You can also consider almond oil.

Mom, keep these tips in mind and you will have fewer problems with your baby during the summer. However, the inevitable can happen, and when it does, don't forget to keep calm, be yourself and listen to your maternal instinct. You will already know what to do!

A beautiful summer!