In CameraBebelusului you will find a lot of special outfits for both girls and boys. For girls we have dresses, petticoats, shirts, blouses, shoes, hair accessories, many sports, casual or very elegant items. Here are some tips to help you dress your little girl with style from the first months of life.

1. Comfort does not mean pajamas

Try to choose fun outfits for your baby and you will be delighted with the result. However, there are many days when there is no point in dressing the little one too elegantly. This is not very practical either, especially up to a certain age. However, there are plenty of interesting alternatives to pajamas. For example, you can opt for a pair of tights and a simple, casual, comfortable dress. Such a dress is loose and not tight.

dresses for girls

2. Be inventive

Don't get stuck on seeing an article of clothing just as it is. For example, for a 2-5 year old girl you could use a longer shirt as a dress. With a loose cut, this shirt will become a favorite outfit for the little one, because it is practical and easy to wear.

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4. Take into account the shape of the body

Just as it happens in the case of adults, it is good to take into account the shape of your little girl's body. For example, if your little girl has very thin legs, choose to dress her in tights instead of pants. They fit much better and are comfortable.

Do not choose dresses that are too long if your little girl is short (you don't want her to get in her way or make her uncomfortable at play or in kindergarten).

girls dresses

5. Play with the models

Mixing patterns and colors is fun for children and even babies. Our suggestion is to stay in an area of ​​simplicity and play with models from the same color family. It's a fun and unexpected way to add something playful to your baby or girl's wardrobe.

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6. Choose large measures

When it comes to jeans and blouses for girls, it is always good to choose slim and loose cuts. For example, a pair of jeans can be used as long pants now, but in 1 year as three-quarter pants. T-shirts can become light shirts to wear around the house, and later they can be used as T-shirts. Also, if you tie a t-shirt at the waist, you've got a unique casual dress.

baby girl dresses

7. Accessorize

Who says that accessories are only suitable for adults? Obviously, it's important to pay attention to how you accessorize your little girl's outfits (they have to be tiny, first of all), but the right accessories can instantly change the whole look of an outfit. Everyone loves mini accessories. You can think of headbands, belts, hats and sashes.

8. Take a look at the boys' clothing area

Often, the girls' clothing section in stores is full of pink frills and glitter. Why not venture into the area of ​​clothes for boys? You might find some very interesting items for your little girl. Cardigans, striped t-shirts and simple colors abound in the section dedicated to boys. Some of these can also be worn by girls.

baby girl clothes

9. Break your own rules

Even if you usually dress your baby in mini clothes, try every time to inject a little fun and pampering into the association rules. Maybe you never wear overalls, but baby overalls are so beautiful.

10. Elegant clothes for special occasions

When there are special events, look for special clothes - clothes for christenings , for birthdays, elegant dresses, long dresses for girls, dresses with tulle, with ruffles, dresses with embroidery, cheerful colors, thematic designs (butterflies, flowers, playful spots of color).

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Have you seen the most beautiful clothes for girls? We invite you to browse our offer and you will find a lot of special ideas to dress your little girl whether she is 0-3 years old or a little lady of 10-12 years old.