A baby crib comes with a lot of joy and enthusiasm, not only for the newborn, but also for the other members of the family. The feeling of intimate comfort is precious for the child who develops a lot in the first year.

Therefore, choosing a perfect crib for your child should be a priority. While there are a lot of options on the market, we recommend you go for a wooden cot. Here are its advantages.

Advantages of wooden cot for babies


1.Various options for wooden cots

If you are thinking of buying a wooden cot for babies, you will find a lot of design options. We even recommend you to discover the incredible variety in the category that we have dedicated to elegant, medium and co-sleeping cots.

Most of them are made of the best quality wood, with special finishes. You can easily find a medium-sized cot or a sofa type, made of wood. Also, the wooden crib can have various decorative details, such as Nanan bears.


2. Options for storage

The newest wooden baby cribs even have an option for storage in the lower part. They thus become multifunctional parts, easy to install. You can use this space for creams, diapers, bed linen, toys, etc.

3. A wooden baby crib can be easily converted

What exactly does this mean? For example, you can buy a cot for co-sleeping, made of wood, with a removable side. Thus, the crib can be attached to your bed and you will be able to enjoy quieter nights, with less stress, without crying and without getting out of bed often.


But, as your baby grows, you can fasten the side of the cot in place and thus you will have a standard cot for the little one's room. The transition from co-sleeping to sleeping alone in the crib will be much easier, because practically the baby will use the same crib, only this time he will not have free access to one side.

4. Choose a wooden crib for the baby's safety

Wooden cots are ideal for your baby's safety because their edges are high. Thus, he will not fall out of the crib, and as he grows, you will be able to place him in the crib when you have to answer the door urgently, go to the kitchen for 2 minutes because you have something on the fire or something else. Of course, when you leave the baby in his crib, you can be sure that he will be fine, nothing bad will happen to him.


5. Choose a wooden crib for its durability

Wood is the most resistant material for cribs and that is why it has been in the top of parents' preferences for so many years. It is easy to maintain (cleaning the wood does not require special efforts on your part). It lasts very well over time and can be used even up to the age of 4-5 years (because children are very attached to their cots).

Even after 4-5 years, you can transform the wooden crib into an elegant sofa for the baby's room , for the terrace or for the little one's playground. It will be a piece of furniture for his stature and his toys.


When you buy the baby cot, you have to make sure that it is durable over time, beautiful, safe for your child, pleasant for his room and maybe even convertible. A very good quality wooden cot will tick all these characteristics, so we invite you to the store to browse the best offers from us. Click here