Parents are extremely inventive when they have to find solutions to convince their babies to sleep alone in their crib. Some even choose to change the mattress or even the crib.

But, what some parents don't realize is the reason why the baby refuses to sleep in his crib at night. It is not usually related to the mattress or cot.

Most likely, the baby is not yet ready to change something in his lifestyle. It cannot adapt so easily.

baby with pacifier

Why does the baby refuse to sleep in the crib at night?

  1. He is not used to the crib

If the baby has been sleeping in a cosleeping crib for more than a few weeks or months, if you try to move him into his standard crib and into his room, everything can turn into a drama. He is simply not used to the camera and probably does not feel comfortable, as he did until now.

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For this, you may need to make a greater effort to show him that his bedroom is comfortable. Maybe you'll even spend a few nights next to his crib. Use the baby's room during the day to play, sing, read stories, connect, etc. Make sure that the cot remains only for sleep .

baby is crying in the crib

  1. He doesn't know how to sleep in his crib

Sometimes babies fall asleep at the breast or cradled or with a bottle in their mouth. Although this behavior can be accepted in the first months of the baby's life, it must be modified further, when the baby no longer has to wake up every 2-3 hours to be breastfed. Unfortunately, the transition is not always easy, so you will need a lot of patience.

  1. Stomach pains

Some babies are prone to reflux and colic. When they sit on their backs, they can feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, they will refuse to sleep in their crib.

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  1. The baby associates the crib with something negative

How can this happen? Well, if during the day you need a few minutes for yourself, you are very upset and want a break or you need to leave the baby alone for a few moments, you will most likely put him in the crib. However, if the baby cries every time at these moments, he will associate the crib with negative experiences and when bedtime comes, he will naturally reject the crib.

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How to help your baby to love his crib?

- Try to catch him

Swaddling can help him feel more comfortable and accept sleeping in the crib more easily.

swaddled baby in the crib

- Use a sleeping bag

It will embrace him, give him warmth and make him feel more comfortable.

- Stay next to him for a few minutes

When you start to make the transition from cosleeping to the baby's standard crib, be patient. He puts a chair next to his bed and you stay next to him for a few minutes. Thus, he will feel safer and fall asleep more easily. It won't work the first time, but you have to try again. Gradually, the baby will get used to sleeping comfortably and safely in its crib.

cosleeping cot

- Place an object of yours next to it

Newborns can smell their mother. Although it is not advisable to put anything in the baby's crib when he is sleeping, try to pile a t-shirt of yours in a corner or on the side of the bed. Thus, the baby will be able to smell your scent without pulling his shirt over his face.

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