Creating and designing a special space for babies is an important and special mission for any parent. While you might be careful not to make mistakes in choosing the perfect color scheme and crib, there are still some aspects such as health and safety that are often overlooked. After all, it is important to set up a beautiful and safe space for the baby.

Here is a list of common dangerous mistakes that parents should keep in mind when arranging the baby's room .

What mistakes should not be made in arranging the baby's room?


1. Don't wait until the last moment to decorate the baby's room

There are parents who wait for the last months to decorate the room of the future child. However, fresh paint, furniture , carpets, emit gases for several weeks, and this could be dangerous for a newborn. So, start by decorating the baby's room well in advance to air the space and make it suitable for the baby. Use low-odor or chemical-free paints to minimize the level of toxicity.

Keep the furniture in another room until the harmful chemicals dissipate or simply invest in the best quality, odorless, chemical free furniture. In our offer you will find a lot of furniture ideas for babies, made of chemically untreated wood, 100% safe for babies.


2. Do not include in the decorative scheme a carpet prone to germs

Maybe it seems simple and quick to spread a carpet or a rug over the entire floor of the baby's room. But, research shows that carpets and rugs favor the reproduction of many diseases, bacteria, fungi, harmful toxins such as toluene, benzene, PFOA, perchloroethene, etc. With a variety of options available on the market, it is better to opt for non-toxic finishes for the baby's room.


3. Do not use a second-hand cot

The crib is definitely the central element in a baby's room. This is because babies sleep more than 12 hours a day. Therefore, before buying a cot , look at the safety standards. Invest in a new, current cot, because the new safety standards are more demanding than those before 2011.

Organic mattresses and sheets are another healthy option for the baby. Avoid using cot protectors as they are considered potentially dangerous for babies.


4. Do not use toxic air fresheners

Keeping a fresh and pleasant-smelling room is a wonderful way to welcome your baby at home. But room fresheners contain a lot of chemicals that can be harmful to small children. Therefore, instead of buying room fresheners, keep the room fresh, well ventilated, with organic lavender, an amazing plant that stimulates restful sleep.

Another option is to choose some houseplants (but not out of the reach of small children) because they act as miniature air purifiers that remove toxins from the air, release oxygen and increase the humidity in the room (an important plus when the baby has stuffy nose). Then, those green colors in contrast with the white of the furniture for the baby's room will look very good.

Puccio-nanan-pink cot-landou-type

5. Do not choose a dark room

Ideally, you should select a room with a lot of natural light. Sunlight is good for newborns because it is a natural source of vitamin D and ignites neurotransmitters in the brain, which leads to the development of the baby. Are you afraid that the light could prevent the little one from sleeping properly? Just invest in some opaque curtains.

6. Don't choose toys just because they look cute

Make sure they are suitable for the little one. Because babies grow quickly and at first they will put everything in their mouths, you must make sure that there are no toys with small parts around them. Also avoid products made of plastic, toxic wood or with a painted finish. Instead, opt for organic and non-toxic toys. See also our offers for thermal toys and organic toys.

Avoid the above mistakes and start arranging the baby's room right now. We are waiting for you on the site with hundreds of furnishing ideas and articles for babies: baby cots, changing chests , wardrobes for babies, thermal toys, baby clothes.