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BabyNest Girls Maria Premium Pink With Coconut Mattress

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Why choose an AnneBebe Babynest?

- Made of cotton, washable parts and coconut mattress -

When he was in your womb, you caressed him tenderly, with care and love, and he calmed down and received all the warmth and feelings of familiarity and safety. There is nothing on this Earth that resembles that environment. At Annebebe, we tried to imitate this safe and comfortable space with a wonderful babynest.

Once your baby is born and you receive him with a smile on your face, you can do a lot of things to ensure his comfort, protection and safety. Every time you let him go, baby needs that strong protective feeling.

  • Secure, portable, adjustable

Annebebe used a unique combination of materials to design the babynests. Some basic features are:

  • high quality soft materials
  • washable parts
  • firm but soft mattress that supports the baby's back and neck well
  • variety of shades
  • handles for easy transport

  • You can personalize it with the baby's name & date of birth & date of baptism

Babynests will be delivered with/without AnneBebe writing, depending on the customer's wishes and can be personalized with the child's name!
BabyNests with PRE-ORDER status are made in 5 - 7 working days.
Personalization has an additional cost of 30 RON and is carried out in 5 working days.

  • Easy to use & maintain

It is extremely easy to use and maintain, it has a removable cover, which can be washed every time it is needed.



What is an AnneBebe Babynest made of?

- BabyNests for cuddly babies -


Babynests from the AnneBebe Baby Room are made of cotton, especially for your baby's sensitive skin.


Exterior – 100% cotton;

Inside - silicone filling for the sides fluffy

1cm coconut fiber mattress & silicone quilted material for the mattress.

Additional Information:
After removing the coconut fiber filling, the product can be washed in a washing machine at 30 °C with a chlorine-free detergent.


The advantages of using the BabyNest

- In BabyNest your baby feels protected -

Your baby sleeps safely, wherever he is. And it's not just for sleeping. You can easily move him, with all his belongings, wherever you are: on the terrace, on the sofa, in the stroller or in any room you want when you clean or air his room

If he gets used to sleeping there, this will be his bed for a long time: he has a well and comfortably defined area of ​​safety and privacy. Even if he sleeps in the crib, thanks to the soft edges that, unlike other systems, do not block his visual access to the environment, he will feel both safe and with great freedom of exploration.

Whether you are at home or traveling, the Babynests it gives your baby a comfortable place to watch the world unfold in front of his curious eyes. Also, a babynest offers busy parents flexibility - practically, the baby will feel at home wherever you go (to grandparents, on vacations, trips, etc.).

Therefore, when the baby is not in your arms, place him quietly in the Annebebe babynest. It has a flat surface and is ready to be used for the baby's rest time, when you want a little break for your arms or during his playtime.

  • Space for baby gymnastics

Movement is beneficial for your baby. Place the babynest so that the baby has some toys on top of it that it can reach and that it can pull, push, etc. Look at him and watch him develop his small muscles as he touches the objects hanging above him.

Babynests from the AnneBebe Baby Room are made of organic cotton, especially for your baby's sensitive skin.

  • On a trip or at home, at grandparents or on vacation. It is like a portable crib, useful also when you want to move him to his bed.

When you travel, you will most likely end up in many locations where the baby needs rest, from the airport, to the plane, to the swimming pool, to different hotel rooms, etc. Each new place you arrive will have certain smells and textures, which will most likely interfere with the baby's sleep.

That's why the babynest is great because it allows the child to enjoy the same familiar place, wherever they are. The soft nest, lightly tightened around his body, gives him a feeling of safety and familiarity. In addition, it is easy to move it from one place to another, thanks to the side handles. With a babynest nearby, it's easy to face all kinds of new adventures with your baby.

  • It is used between the ages of 0 - 9 months.

It is recommended from 0 to 9 months, being adjustable and with a fastening system consisting of a string. When the baby grows, the cord at the base can be untied, thus transforming the babynest into a bed with soft sides for babies up to 9 months


How to use a babynest?

- Tips for correct use -

Here are some things you need to know about using babynests.

  • place the babynest only on flat, low, unheated surfaces
  • always place the baby so that the head is in the narrow part of the babynest
  • always place the baby on its back in the middle of the babynest
  • if necessary, wrap the baby only up to the belly and make sure that the blanket is secure next to him

Because it is not a cot for sleeping, you can use the babynest for a lot of things when the baby is awake:

  • the babynest can be a safe and favorite place for the comfortable, supervised rest of the child
  • you can play with the baby at floor level
  • use it for those special moments when the family is around - watch your little one smile as they look up to your faces
  • it is ideal for giving the baby a relaxing massage
  • turn it into a mobile playground to stimulate their senses
  • place a safe mirror on top and watch as the child discovers his reflection in it
  • you can use the babynest in the gym where you practice or do yoga and place the mirror so that the baby can follow you in it
  • place the babynest next to a window (safely and away from the curtains), where the baby will be able to enjoy the play of shadows, the chirping of walkways or other sounds from nature.


(Free of charge)

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We ship in 3-7 working days all products with status "IN STOCK" and in 15-35 days products with status "PRE-ORDER". The delivery cost will be communicated later based on the final dimensions of the package and the delivery address.


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We offer transport to the customer's door, professional assembly and packaging recycling (from 50 Lei). The final price is calculated according to the number of km from the center of Bucharest to the address, the number of products and the weight of the products.



Orders can be paid in RAMBURS cash at the time of delivery or picking up the products from the stores, with the ONLINE card (MobilPay) or in AnneBebe stores (POS). Card payment is secure, no additional fees are charged.



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(Furniture and Personalization)

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