Ideas and tips when you go to the sea with your child

That's it - you have determined the period when you go to the sea, you have made your plans, you have also determined the resort, you have made a reservation at the hotel. You have to keep thinking about your luggage, and that's not exactly easy when you have a child with you (especially if we're talking about children 3-9 years old).

Here are some tips and essentials that you should put in your travel bag.

1. Beach clothes for the sea

When you pack your bags, you think first of all about clothes. This is very good. Although you will need a bathing suit for the child, it is important to make sure that you also pack light clothes, cotton shirts, dresses, shorts for boys, skirts - generally thin, beautiful clothes, in cheerful colors, clothes in which the little ones feel extraordinary when they play, walk on the beach, go to the amusement park, go to the seafront, to a terrace, etc.

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Of all the clothes for the beach, the most important are caps and sun hats, because they protect the child from the sun's rays. Anyway, respect the beach hours (morning and evening), because children's skin is very sensitive.

the girl's blouse

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2. Towels

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For smaller children, we recommend thin blankets, hooded towels, cotton towels, blankets and even textile diapers. These are very practical when the child comes out of the water and you need to dry him quickly so that he is not cold, to wrap him if he falls asleep.

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3. Beach toys for children

From 3 to 12 years old, children are fascinated by sea water, sand, discovering treasures on the beach, building castles. One thing is clear: they will have a great time. For children between 3 and 9 years old, don't forget to take the classic beach toys with you - bucket, spatula, sand shapes, etc. Also, for younger children, 3 - 5 years old, inflatable pools for the beach are perfect. For those who are learning to swim or already know how to swim well, put inflatable coils or air cushions that attach to the shoulders in their luggage. Another great idea to play on the beach includes kites that rise sooo high in the sea breeze.

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4. Plenty of water and snacks

If you don't want to end up buying any snacks from the terraces next to the beach, we recommend that you take casseroles with healthy snacks with you because the sea water and the play make the little ones hungry. Even if you're heading to the beach after breakfast or after the snack at 4 p.m., you should still prepare some light snacks to pack. Water is essential because the little ones need proper hydration.

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