Gift ideas for newborns

When a little man appears in the world, his shopping list takes on dimensions, because he starts a new life completely from scratch.

The needs are so diverse, from one month to the next, as well as the rapid pace of development of babies. In an attempt to face all the challenges, parents will enjoy any useful gift from their loved ones.

What to give, so that you can be of help to them?

Bed accessories

To provide safety and comfort, the cot must meet some basic characteristics: protection against physical injuries, comfort for the back and neck, sufficient space for free breathing, natural organic materials, safe accessories above the cot.

All these features can be found in the following accessories, and you choose which will suit you the most:

1. Protection sets

The protection sets will protect the child from blows, in the case of a cot made of wood. The protections are made of soft materials and are placed on the walls of the cot. There are several shades, usually chosen according to the gender of the child.

2. Bed linen and covers

Bed linens are indispensable in a house, especially small ones for a dwarf, who vomits milk everywhere and, later, will start to discover food.

We recommend you to buy linens made of quality materials for the sensitive skin of the benelus.

The mattress cover with elastic will help to keep the cot tidy for longer, and we offer you waterproof models.

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3. Canopies

Canopies provide a relaxing atmosphere and protect against insects. They fit into any design, bringing notes of sophistication.

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4. Toys and accessories

How to remove toys from a child's room? Our store has a range of accessories and sensory toys, which will contribute to a harmonious development: various animals with sounds, interactive carousels for the crib, night light, etc.

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The necessary for maternity

The preparations for the birth are exciting and every detail matters because at the hospital there is no more time and the opportunity to wander through the shops, especially to find something according to the requirements.

What can you surprise mom with when preparing the trunk or when returning from the hospital? Everything is simple and you only need to prepare at least a few days before.

Here is the inspirational list with the necessary items

1. Newborn sets

In addition to the fact that it is downright adorable to see a matching outfit from head to toe, the sets offer all the necessary clothes and accessories, regardless of the weather outside.

It's really not comfortable and it's not recommended to dress it up in exaggerated/pompous outfits, the main criterion being the comfort and health of the baby's skin, i.e. a set made of 100% soft cotton material. On our website, you can find sets of 5-20 pieces (bodysuits, bibs, trousers, socks, pairs of trousers with legs, long-sleeved bodysuits, blouses, pairs of gloves, pairs of socks, handkerchiefs, soft rugs, hooded bath towel, etc.).

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2. Baby blankets and towels

Blankets and towels are indispensable items, even more so than clothes. Immediately after birth, babies are not necessarily dressed, they are swaddled in thin cotton blankets, so the baby enjoys the warmth.

After the bath, he wraps himself in a towel and goes straight to the warm milk, in his mother's loving arms, is there any sweeter sleep than this?

And considering that the bath is done every evening, there can't be too many towels.

You choose the size and thickness of the blanket depending on its role: for cot, cart, outdoors or at home.

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3. Clothes and accessories

Every month, babies grow and develop, so be prepared to give up a large part of your wardrobe, in just a few months or even just one. Therefore, we recommend you to give them clothes of larger sizes, so that they will be useful in the future. If at present, the parents have not yet bought too many things, then you can also opt for the current size.

Anne Bebe has developed a wide collection of items: sets, overalls, short and long pants, bodysuits, dresses, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, skirts, etc.

And among the accessories there are frames, chests, cradle (a lifesaver when mommy has work and the baby wants a cradle), lamp (for supervised nights), changing table, playground (interactivity and harmonious development for the child), baskets (storage numerous toys), organizers (helps you save space and order in the house), chests of drawers (space for belongings), etc.

We hope that the list of suggestions will simplify the search for gifts and will satisfy the needs of new parents.

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