What to give as a gift at a baptism?

Preparations for baptism mean distributed attention to many details, thought out ahead of time and put together in one day like a puzzle. And so that all the pieces of the puzzle "kiss", you as a guest at this event want to pleasantly surprise the little Christian and give a useful gift with love. We are here to offer you help in this regard, through a series of inspirational ideas. Thus, I have collected a top 7 gifts for baptism .


  1. Cot carousel

A newborn does not yet have developed muscles to sit on his bottom or to roll on his side, therefore it is necessary to organize his fun on the "ceiling", lying on his back, this is precisely his view - the ceiling. Absolutely uninteresting right? But it can become, if attached to the cart/canopy, an interactive carousel.

The carousel will contribute to the development of the baby, through the diversity of shapes, colors and sounds.

This gift will help him discover new things for him, while mommy takes care of cooking, washing, ironing, etc.

  1. Dress/Suit

Whether it's a boy or a girl, you can pamper him with a modern, stylish and elegant look.

Dress for her, suit for him - we have a wide range of models, colors, all made of natural materials, soft cotton because we pay attention to details and to the delicate skin of children.

Choose the color according to what you want to convey, according to gender and personality (here the date of birth gives you suggestions, the horoscope).

  1. chest

The chest will create an aristocratic design for a unique and professional photo session.

This gift represents actuality and admiration among mothers.

An article rarely found in stores, so "Camera bebelusului" takes care not to miss any detail - any pampering for the little one.

  1. Bracelet

If you have decided to give a gift that will last a lifetime, then the bracelet is suitable.

Opt for silver or gold with personalized details: name/surname/date of birth, and the string can be adjusted according to the desired size.

personalized baby bracelet

  1. piggy bank

Financial education is always current, and it develops more for parents, during the baby period. It is a challenge to face all the bills, to collect money in the account and in the little one's piggy bank for when he grows up.

Our store has a superb model in the form of a silver-plated trolley.

Besides its practical benefits, the piggy bank will remain a memory for many years.

piggy banks as a gift

  1. Memories box

The memory box offers a priceless stock for the whole family. Our century has evolved a lot, so we can enjoy unique, personalized items and keeping an enormous number of paper/digital pictures.

We have several models of boxes, including in the form of a silver-plated Bible with a cross.

the box-for-the-child's-memories-with-the-fingerprint

  1. Towels

Towels are indispensable in the bathrooms of all homes, especially when it comes to superior quality.

You can't go wrong with this gift, the child bathes every evening, while washing, drying and ironing the towel will be stages that take up the whole week, respectively, it is necessary for the parents to arm themselves with enough towels.

Anne Bebe makes practical models and sets: towels of various sizes and colors, with or without a hood, from bamboo and cotton, thus we assure you the following properties:

- thermoregulators, ensuring cooling in summer and heat in winter;

- hypoallergenic properties: for children with skin problems;

- antibacterial properties: resistant to odors;

- ecological product;

-absorbs water efficiently and evaporates it just as quickly.



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