Your baby will be born soon. What immense joy! And as it will probably be your first child, you want the best for him, without compromise. You want him to have what maybe you didn't have and to be treated like a prince or a princess from the first day he spends at home.

TOP 3 DELUXE baby cots. Absolutely spectacular design

We have for you 3 ideas of extremely elegant beds, which will ennoble and elevate the appearance of any room.

  1. Baby cot Luxury Upholstered Chester Trionfo Diamonds Ecological Leather

It is a white cot with a unisex design, which means it is perfect for both boys and girls. What is unique about this model is the fact that you will be able to use it for a long time for the child's room. It can be transformed into a junior bed and then into an extremely luxurious sofa.

deluxe baby cot

It is provided with a roomy drawer in which you can place your underwear or other objects that you want to keep in good order. Then, it has a sliding and removable side, which allows the crib to be attached to the parents' bed or transformed as the baby grows.

It is made of the best quality beech wood and comes upholstered with ecological leather. It also includes a mattress base, adjustable on two levels, depending on the age of the little one. It has soft rubber wheels for smooth movement and a good braking system to prevent accidental slips.

Optionally, you can order it with a lighting kit, an anti-reflux system, bedding sets and side protections, canopy and rocking chair.

  1. Baby cot Luxury Upholstered Eco Leather Chester Trionfo Swarovski Crystals

Here is another luxury baby bed that we recommend for your prince or princess. It is a top product made in Italy, from the best materials, from beech wood padded with ecological leather and finished with special anti-toxic paint. It can be adjusted on two levels - respectively for 0 - 6 months and 6 months - 5 years.

Baby cot Luxury Upholstered Eco Leather Chester Trionfo Swarovski Crystals

More than a simple baby cot, this piece of furniture will be the best choice for the child's room until he turns 6-7 years old. This is because the cot can be turned into a luxurious sofa, by removing one side.

It has a roomy drawer to store bed linens, toys or other objects in the child's room. On request, it can be delivered with lights, anti-reflux system, canopy, linen sets and protective sides.

  1. Baby bed Rinascimento Chester type Chesterfield Azzurra Italy

Made in Italy, with an absolutely luxurious style, this cot will fit wonderfully in modern homes furnished with great taste. Start the most beautiful life story of the little one by giving him this crib in which he will spend the nights of his first years of life.

Baby bed Rinascimento Chester type Chesterfield Azzurra Italy

A spectacular piece of furniture, this baby cot is original in that it can be transformed into a sofa, thus being used for many years even by 7-8 year old children.

It is made of beech wood, upholstered with ecological leather and finished with anti-toxic paint, safe for children. It has a mattress on two levels and an incredibly solid construction. For easy handling, the designers designed it with wheels and a simple braking system. Even the edges of the crib are nicely rounded for the best safety of the babies.

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Dozens of options - surely, here is the perfect crib for your baby!